• The article above covers the debunking of psychics, specifically those that have turned to social media as a way to learn about those they are reading. Psychics are part of a larger theme of psychological

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    This poem is so short yet so touching. The use of vocabulary and imagery made it feel relatable but also professional. I would love to see what other poems you have.

  • I have noticed an increase in friends using Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and other forms of social media as their only news sources. It has become commonplace for teens to get news from the apps they already use 24/7 and ditch the newspaper, TV, and even online sources altogether. I also agree that it is very dangerous that social media as a main…[Read more]

  • Sofia,
    This is an interesting topic. It is such a common stigma in society that guys cannot show weakness or they are “feminine.” Often times men will put up a front and not show emotion. What are some things we could do to change this stigma? How can women aid in this overlooked problem men face?

    Here is an interesting article about this…[Read more]

  • This is a fun topic! I am interested in seeing comparisons between modern day interpretations of witches and medieval interpretations of witches. I also would love to learn what is happening today that is similar the the Witch Trials.

  • This is a very interesting take on appearance and personal style. I love your view on style as something to express yourself and your interest in fashion, not necessarily as a way to brag or show off wealth. I also agree that buying something with your own money makes it 1000 times more special because you know all the work it took to earn it.…[Read more]

  • I have noticed an insane increase in focus on serial killers and murder mysteries. There are endless documentaries, Youtube videos, Netflix series, and social media articles strictly about serial killers and their stories. Despite being interested myself in this topic, I have always wondered why it intrigues me (and apparently many other people).…[Read more]

  • Despite the sheer violent nature of hockey, I rarely hear about catastrophic injuries in the sport. There is a large emphasis around football and head injuries but little surrounding hockey. I am very interested to see a comparison between those two sports.

  • This article goes over the basic psychological concept known as the Barnum Effect. Named after P.T. Barnum, the well-known showman, this phenomenon refers to how gullible people become when reading statements

  • Othello

    Act 1 Scene 3

    Lines 208-218


    I learned that tone heavily impacts how words are interpreted. By using the tone I did, I understood that Desdemona as coming from a place of both

  • Brian,

    This piece is very informative. Great job providing specific examples and stories to showcase solutions to Oakland violence. I love the idea of young gang members finding jobs and joining sports teams to keep them off the streets. In addition, programs like LMB and Joven Noble seem very successful. Here is a link to the website of Father…[Read more]

  • Noe,

    Overall this piece was somewhat confusing to me, but had some great points. I was confused when you jumped from restriction of free speech straight to cyberbullying. It might make more sense to explain the correlation between the two before getting right into your thesis. Your points in your thesis were pretty solid, but the fact that…[Read more]

  • As technology advances, people worry more and more about the effect it will have on their privacy. In the United States, the Fourth Amendment protects citizens from unreasonable search and seizure, but it’s being

  • Abel,

    This is an interesting take on education inequality. Many of the points you make are extremely true. Lots of families don’t have access to a good education due to income. It is unfair that those with less money have less opportunities. Hopefully a change is made to support families with low incomes so they can send their children to high…[Read more]

  • This is a great take on the Law of Attraction. I agree with you that it is difficult to dedicate time to something that is categorized as a pseudoscience, but you make an amazing point that it doesn’t hurt to try. Positivity is a driving force in happiness and applying the Law of Attraction to your life, despite its lack of evidence, can be a…[Read more]

  • This is an interesting interpretation of Donald Glover’s music video. Until I did further research, I had no clue how much symbolism he used. This article explains a lot of the different symbols and digs deeper into the meaning of video and song.…[Read more]

  • This is a very well written reflection. I love this specific part, “Teenage drinking has always been a concern because the brain is still developing. Yet the drinking age being out of reach for teenagers hasn’t stopped them.” This is very true and has been proven with many other things in life. For example, making abortion legal doesn’t prevent w…[Read more]

  • Gun control is a hot-button topic in the United States. With high rates of school shootings and other gun-related deaths, the United States is a hub for debate on gun regulation. There are many different stances

    • Lindsey I have to agree with your post on gun control. I think that it proves a very great point in our society today and shows that things are becoming more and more crazy, like how you mentioned in your post that bullets are even made available in vending machines to some people in specific areas. I really liked as well that you includes 3 and not 2 sources about your topic. I also found a source on gun control being explained more further which I think might help you as well. Very well done!

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    I love how open your are about your story. When you say “I compare my life with the life of the immigrants in my community because we are here to work for a better future to give our kids what we did not have” it brings up an important conversation of how necessary immigrants are to America. Immigrants deserve equal opportunities as everyone else…[Read more]

  • Great job applying what you read to your life and people around you. It is interesting that you don’t play soccer yourself, but notice how it positively impacts others. Is there something like this in your life (art, another sport, music, etc.) that gives you joy and challenges you in a positive way? It would interesting to hear about that!…[Read more]

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