• I think this is a great topic! America is seen as the melting pot, where all cultures are incorporated and accepted, but this isn’t always true. We as a country are not accepting, and we need to work on it. I also like the quote you used from Marshall, about how the colored man has been melted down. This was a great quote to show that we don’t let…[Read more]

  • Great topic! I personally think there needs to be way more gun control because of the same reasons you said, violence, shootings, ect. I think as a country our laws should make it a lot harder to have a gun and to get a gun license. In many areas it is easier for people to buy guns than it should be, and there are not enough background checks.…[Read more]

  • I think that it is great that you are doing a project on this, because it is something really important to talk about. It looks like you are looking more at dating and abusive relationships than abusive relationships in families between parents and children. I think one really good thing you could look into would be the differences between a…[Read more]

  • I like this post a lot! I think it is very important to help women stay involved as jobs move more into STEM studies. In the past, we have made a lot of progress in helping women find equal opportunities. We shouldn’t stop this progress, and as the focus of work force is shifting, we should shift our progress with it. A couple years ago I…[Read more]

  • Wow, cool concept! I think you are right that a universal religion would bring a more peaceful world. However, I don’t think it would be possible in the world we live in due to so many different cultures and backgrounds that play into people’s beliefs. Most conflicts that come out of religion are from people trying to force religion on to others,…[Read more]

  • I really like that you are questioning this, I think it is a really cool thing to think about. I think that while God doesn’t actually have a gender, God is portrayed most often as being male, and it causes us to see things that way. Most of the time females are wrapped into the idea of God it is when they are supporting characters to whatever God…[Read more]


    Having a twin changes a family’s whole dynamic, and in many cases it changes the dynamic of the two individuals. I wanted to see what ways having a twin changes a person’s personality, and why. I myself have a

    • I agree, Lindsay. I think that having a twin would be fundamentally life changing, and would allow for a deep sibling reltionship. I think that they are more dependent on people, because they grew up knowing that they had the best support one can have. I think that they find themselves loved in a different way then other siblings. I think your understanding
      of twins is incredible, and think that this is very well done,

    • Lindsay, I think that you have great insight on this topic. I myself have a girlfriend who is also a twin and it is interesting to compare her life to mine. Also my mother is a twin too and it is cool to see what you write here. Thank you for sharing and I will look more into this!

    • Lindsay,
      You mentioned that twins either take on a lead role in the family, or a younger role. I’m curious, what would you say determines that decision? You said you took on the younger role, is that because your sister was “technically” born first, or is there other factors?


    • NIki replied 3 weeks ago

      I really like this post. I think that this makes perfect sense and I could see how having a twin could change the personality and roles that each twin plays in their family. I also could see how growing up with somebody you are so close too could make you dependent on other people and relationships. I think its interesting to see how twins will go out of their way to have their own identity and personality apart from there twin. I have seen many friends who are twins do that as a way of being their own person and often this will lead to the twins being totally different people. This article talks a little about it if you want to check it out. I would like to hear more about what you think changed you as a twin and how you set yourself apart from your twin.


    • Lindsay,
      This is definitely an interesting post. Though I know a few people who are twins, I never really thought of the role they play in the changing family structure. However, I do see how having a twin could affect this, and how it could affect your personality. In your post, you mention how some twins grow up to be more introverted people, while others tend to be really social and make friends easily. I think part of that also depends on the other family members and how you are raised. A twin may be used to being with their twin more, and if the rest of their family is more social, that could make them more extroverted because that is the environment that they grew up in. Thank you for your post. This is definitely an interesting topic and I’m looking forward to your future posts.

    • Lindsay,

      I am intrigued by your post because I have many friends that are sets of twins, and I think the concept of how you can grow together, yet also be very different is interesting. One thing that you said that stands out to me was when you talked about how twins in the future look for a closeness with other people, because they are so used to having someone so close to them 24/7. Your post reminds me of my sister’s 2 best friends who are twins. One of them definitely acts like a baby, and the other acts like the first born. They are very dependent on each other but also have their own traits that separate them. Thank you for sharing this post. I look forward to seeing your next piece of work because your voice really shines in your papers and your understanding of the personalities of twins is very intelligent.

    • Lindsay,
      When reading your post it made me think a lot about my position and involvement in my family. I also am a twin and before reading your post I didn’t think twins could take on such opposite characteristics in a family dynamic but thinking about it now, I see examples of this throughout my relationship with my twin. Not only is my twin brother physically much bigger than me but I also see him looking out for me in similar ways that an older brother would. thank you for your post. This topic is interesting to me and plays a big part in my life.

    • Lindsay,
      I loved this post because I am a twin! While many of your points were interesting and accurate, I wonder if you could find anything on whether the gender of the twins effects the relationship differently? Speaking from experience, I have a twin brother, and we are not similar in personality at all. That would be an interesting point to add!
      Great job, I love this topic!

    • Dear Lindsay,
      I am really intrigued to hear more about what you think about a twin relationship being as you’re a twin. One part that really stood out to me in your post is how twins act like the oldest or the baby, this made me think because I’m the middle in my family. I was thinking about how twins that are middle children would act. I was wondering if they’d act like the middle children in the family but the oldest and baby in the relationship of the two twins. Overall, I really think that this is a very interesting idea and I think I might look into it myself.

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