• Dear Guadalupe,
    I am very interested in your post about “Animal Testing” because you included a lot of information about how it’s benefits us a humans. One sentence you wrote that stood out to me is “With this, scientists might be able find cures for disease that can kill us…. Any type of cancer is dangerous. With animal research, scienti…[Read more]

  • I am very interested by your post “ Henrietta lack’s family should be owed money” because you had a lot of information explaining your thought’s about this topic. One sentence that stood out to me is “Another thing that wasn’t helpful for Henrietta’s family was that the scientists after they found out the HeLa cells were useful they didn’t pa…[Read more]

  • Dear, Naycet

    I am delighted by your post Is “Testing on Animals Ethical?” because you had a evidence that back up’s your opinion and makes it stronger. One sentence that stood out to me is “This is ethical because animals have helped find treatment and cures for diseases, virus, and infections such as, cancer, polio, and other deadly illness”.…[Read more]


    Animal Testing Is Ethical!!


      I believe that animal testing is ethical because medical researchers can provide more accurate treatment for patients in the future and help medical researcher figure out

    • Dear linda,

      I am very delighted by your post, “Animal Testing is Ethical” because you explained how animal testing helps humans in many ways and how the humans benefit from the research. One sentence that stood out to me was, “This article points out that if medical researchers were to test on humans it can be very harmful and lead to death. This shows that animal testing is ethical because once the drugs is tested on the animal, then animal researcher’s will be able to identify if the drug is considered good for human beings or not. Also testing on humans may be illegal in most states”. This stood out to me because scientist test on animals to make sure that a human will not get killed with the medication. I agree with your agreement because I think that using animals for animal testing is ethical since we are helping people. In some article that I read it also talks about how animals research helps both humans and dog, for example the type 1 diabetes that helps animals and humans fight type 1 diabetes. Thank you for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I am interested to see if agree in other things.

    • Dear linda,

      I am really proud of you about your post “ animal testing is ethical” because you did a really good job of explaining why animal testing is good for research. Once sentence you wrote that standed out to me is “If we have almost the same genes as mouses there is a higher chance that the treatment for humans will be more accurate”. I think this a really strong quote because you are saying that the mouse have the same genes as humans so that way there would be more treatment for humans thanks for that animals. Another sentence that I liked was Drugs can be potentially and immediately harmful to humans, especially during the testing phase of a product, so animal testing allows for researchers to determine the quality and safety of a product before humans take it”. I liked your quote because it is really true that all the treatments that aren’t tested on animals can hurt people and people can even die. But if we didn’t have animals then everything would be all bad and also a lot of people would be dying. Thanks for writing. I am looking forwards to see what you write next time because you have a really strong opinion about animal testing.

  • Dear Angela,
    I am delighted with your name significance because there was a lot of information about your name. One sentence that stood out to me is “Even if my name means something that isn’t me, I wouldn’t change it because the irony is already a part of who I am.” This stood out me because it says a lot if meaning and how your name is an imp…[Read more]

  • Dear kevin,

    I am fascinated with your name memoir because you had a lot of great information about your name and where it came from. One sentence you wrote that stand out for me is “ I will like to introduce myself after the same name but with a different form of saying It with a different perspective from my family. A name I feel more c…[Read more]

  • Dear Alex,
    I am delighted about your annotated bibliography about “How gentrification is changing Oakland” because you talked a lot about gentrification and how is it affecting the community in Oakland. I also like the fact that you had multiple quotes that connect to each other. One sentence you wrote that stand out for me is “When he said “I wi…[Read more]

  • Why is police brutality common in Oakland? In the article, Oakland police: controversial history sets tone for city’ discord. Harris states, “White people account for only 16% of OPD vehicle stops, and 6.7% of mo

  • Hatred and violence without a reason


    It’s never been the same                                   

    Oakland is not going to change

    I wonder why not   

    Is it because of the violence,



    That h

    • Dear Linda,
      I am so amazed by your poem, “Love and Hate”, because you really used good examples of how Romeo & Juliet connects to Oakland. I really enjoyed reading your poem, because you also included your point of view of how you see Oakland and how it has affected you. One sentence that you wrote and stood out to me, was “Hurt people hurt people, That is what they do, U mess with them they resolve it with violence, No matter who you are, Innocent, Guilty, Gang member.” That stood out to me because, it is a sad reality that is happening today. Another sentence that I really like, is “I ask myself How? Where?
      Did this madness comes from, Families cry for their loved ones, As there loved ones are affiliated with a gang.” This stood out to me, because you used really good vocabulary to express your writing here. I can relate to some of the things you mentioned in your poem, like how you are scared to walk alone out in the street. I always tend to look back and watch my surroundings when I am walking alone. Overall, your poem was really well written and I really enjoyed reading it.

  • Hi Kimberly,
    I am happy about your work because you talked a lot about your nationality. Also because you talked woman stereotypes and that men have more privilege. One sentence you wrote that stand out tome me is “Many people assume that women aren’t as strong as men because “women cry for men.” Also, because men get paid more than women and m…[Read more]

  • Dear Yojana,
    I am glad about your shadow box because you explained the stereotypes people have been giving you and the fact that you address your identity expression. One sentence you wrote that stand out for me is “I speak three different languages”. I think this is delightful because it is wonderful to hear someone speak another language without…[Read more]

  • HI my name is linda and in my shadow box I have chosen to include objects of being female, being Latina and living in Oakland because those are the most important aspects of my life. I decided to add a picture

    • Dear Linda,
      I really enjoyed reading what your “shadowbox” contained, and I really admire the phrase ,”I was assigned as female and I wanted to show the dominant narratives and stereotypes that women face every day. In my shadow box I am representing objects of being Latina because this is another part that has affected my life because when I walk down the street people will just assume all kind of stereotypes of me and my skin color”. This quote reminds me of the stereotypes people have on Latino men and the effect of grabbing your readers attention and sympathizing with your work is something you did very well. Here a a few questions to further your thinking. Do patriarchal norms play an affect on stereotypes people have on women? What is your inspiration to keep on moving forward? How are stereotypes created?

    • Dear Linda,

      Thank you for sharing your work. My name is Bryan and I am a student at Fremont High School.
      Something I liked about your work was is that you had a different type of money.
      Something I have a question about is do you have any religious beliefs. Please feel free to comment on my work in the future. The address of my student blog is https://bryancfhs2021.edublogs.org/wp-admin/index.php?page=msreader.php.
      Thank You!

    • HI linda i like how you did your shadow box and how you added the pictures and i like how you explained your dominant narrative and how you explained your counter narrative

  • Dear John,
    One sentence you wrote that stand out to me is “In America there are teenagers 14-19 that are dying by drama, police brutality, and school shootings.I think the leaders of America should prioritize fixing the violence especially in places like Charlottesville and Oakland.” I think this is a really powerful message and very true because…[Read more]

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