• Choosing my topic was a relatively easy process, Affirmative Action has been a central political issue in recent years and I felt that this was an opportunity to expand my knowledge on the subject. The research

  • For my research paper, I am currently investing my time into researching all aspects of race-based affirmative action in regards to education, specifically college admissions. As of right now, I have no clear

  • For my forthcoming research paper, I intend to investigate issues regarding Affirmative Action and college admissions, specifically whether or not it gives some people an unfair advantage rather than leveling the

  • Wow. Terrible. I bet you wrote this at 3am.

  • Hey Nishan, I respectfully disagree with your opinion. While it is true that college athletes of major sports (i.e. basketball and football) bring in a lot of money to schools, the amount that schools could pay would most likely not be a set figure. Because of this, it is possible that the amount of money that colleges could pay athletes could…[Read more]

  • Physician assisted suicide (PAS) is regarded by many in the medical field as an unethical practice, being that the purpose of being a medical professional is to prolong the patient’s life, of course.  But the qu

    • Nick, I agree with your point that PAS should be an option for patients as it is their choice when it comes to what happens to their lives. It is better for them to live a short life than suffer and live for a longer period of time. I also think this is a good option to have out there, despite the possible misuses, because PAS is relatively pain free and prevents patients from taking their lives in other ways just to end their misery.

    • Nick, your argument is quite thorough and shows that lots of effort was placed in to write your argument. I agree that it is hypocritical to be swear to be moral but killing someone at the same time. Along with your point, it feels like doctors are abusing their authority and making rash decisions for patients and their families. I am interested to hear your thoughts and your side of the argument. Thanks!

    • I appreciate your in depth explanation for what PAS is. Before reading this I did not know precisely what it was. I found your essay very informative and appreciate the use of credible sources.
      Good Job!

    • Wow. Terrible. I bet you wrote this at 3am.

    • Hey Nick,
      This is an outstanding article about PAS and it is a very heavy concept to discuss and think about. It ultimately does come down to what the patient wants for their lives because they are the controller of their destiny. I believe that it is completely ethical to let a person have assisted suicide because it is relatively pain free. I found an article that discusses some points about doctor’s arguments towards PSA and what they believe in the matter.


      I really enjoyed reading your article and hope you continue to post about topics that make the reader think. Amazing job.

  • Why must such a fun word have such a negative denotation? We have been bamboozled! Cheated! Swindled! A word such as bamboozled cannot possibly mean to deceive someone, and yet, it does. But the meaning of this

    • Have to say after reading this “bamboozled” might just be my new favorite word! This post put a huge smile on my face and I’ll be looking for every opportunity to put “bamboozled” to good use….even if I must do the bamboozling myself. ;)))

    • Vesna replied 2 weeks ago

      Hey Nick,
      For such a simple prompt you really bring the light out of it through your writing. Your style of rhetoric along with the general vibe of how you feel about the word really shows and makes for a more interesting read. Thank you for writing this piece.
      Vesna Sot

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