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  • I think that schools shouldn’t regulate private social media, but if a student’s concerning behavior online has been brought to the school’s attention they should have a meeting with the parents and student about it. I really liked this article

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    I really like your poem. I like how you reference your body as a place to help people. You use your body to do good and use it to better humanity not make it worse. If you let it, your body can do amazing things.

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    I agree with you, many people especially the younger generation aren’t well informed about the events that happened after 9/11. Many people have died who didn’t deserve it and it makes you wonder if our government made the best decisions and choices regarding the events after 9/11.

  • Many people are now not wanting to work in hospitals because the jobs are very difficult physically and emotionally. I find it interesting that not only are they understaffed in ICUs and ERs but also in children’s hospitals. I think that hospitals need more funding to get enough resources they need for sick children. I work in a hospital and I see…Read More

  • Who among the people who have an asteroid named after them is most inspiring to you? What are their accomplishments?

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