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  • Absolutley! I agree that America would not be what it is today with Latinx/Hispanic people, and the contributions of people in the community should be celebrated! Having this month, personally, allows me to connect and learn more about my culture.

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    Love this! The line that stuck with me the most is “black melanin magic”. So amazing how you are able to embrace what makes you! Such a strong poem and I can definitely feel your confidence through the word choice.

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    National Parks!

    In AP Lang, we asked 10 questions and had to find the answer using an article. My question was "which national park should i visit next?" Using the article linked down below as well as interviewing my friends I...

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    • Lily, I really liked this post. I thought doing a video was a good idea, and a unique way to get your point across. You portrayed your view, as well as other people’s, which isn’t something anyone else did. However, I do think a summary of the video would be a good idea for people who cannot watch it. Other than that, this is awesome!

    • I liked this it was lighthearted and funny but you could’ve made a blooper reel instead of putting the camera difficulties at the beginning.

    • I think this was a fun idea and a great way to express different views and opinions about something you’re passionate about. I enjoyed how you showed your opinions and views and I like how the other commentators showed their views and gave you great information about the national parks and why they suggest it. However, I do believe that a conclusion or quick little paragraph would be nice to wrap up your findings and what you found after all your interviews. I think seeing this at the end would help summarize and give your final conclusion and give a better answer to the question you were found. But I loved the video and the different perspectives showed and viewed.

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    It is definitely interesting to see the pro’s and con’s of being a vet, most of which I have not considered before. It really does make you think, do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. I’d like to know your thoughts.

  • Raniyah, I found this super interesting. I had no clue about MOVE before I saw this article. I would definitely like to learn more about John Africa and why MOVE was founded.


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National Parks!

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