• Though the ways humans attack the ocean may be endless most people turn a blind eye. Dan Brayton, in his essay blah blah blah, discusses his concerns on the way we are treating our ocean. Brayton, along with other

    • Annika,
      Your article on the issues with pollution in our oceans was very well written and captured my attention. We need to make improvements for collecting pollutants in an efficient matter. We use the oceans water supply everyday and in order to keep it clean this message must be spread. Thank you for your post!

    • Hi Annika,

      Great post! I recently researched a similar topic, about micro plastic pollution of oceans and lakes. The effects of the tiny man made plastics are unbelievable, and although we cannot clean up all the waters, we can work to inform others to prevent the problem from getting worse. If your interested, I posted about the problem on my page:)


    • We cannot have life without our Oceans, if we don’t take care of our oceans then we are not taking care of ourselves! This article/post is a great reminder.

  • The hot topic of the human race’s impact on the Earth is our endless litter found in the water ways, though this is one major impact it is not the only. With human being’s extravagant use of carbon we are altering

    • Word! The ocean is in serious trouble and it’s all our fault. There is an entire world under the sea and we are ruining it. The ocean is so important to earth and if we destroy it I don’t think mother nature will be too happy. Don’t quote me on this but my aunt told be about how mass fish farming is pumping tons of icky chemicals into the ocean. I don’t know if you need it but it’s something else that could support your argument.

    • Annika I think this topic is really cool. Lots of people know about the pollution of our atmosphere but not many people think about it’s effects on the ocean. Good job!

  • Human kind is constantly assaulting the ocean and those that live in it. We pollute our waters with chemicals, garbage, oil, and sewage and the ocean has no way to fight back. Many of the marine life is in danger

  • With Christmas fast approaching long-standing traditions begin to show their faces. As I type my family is whipping up endless batches of cookies while “A Muppets Christmas Carol” plays in the background. Just day

    • I really like this post in that it fits the season and puts me in the Christmas mood, but I can’t help but notice one thing. Today is a Monday, and most high schoolers go to school on Monday, so I wonder why it is that you would be at home listening to Christmas music while your parents are baking cookies… interesting.

    • Annika, I feel that Ryan brings up an interesting point. Either way, I am glad that you are feeling the Christmas spirit. Cookies are my favorite so don’t be afraid to share.

    • Annika,
      Trevor and Ryan’s comments are irrelevant your actual post. I appreciate your post on Christmas tradition. It’s nice to see how you enjoy tradition and really understand the meaning of family, including family tradition. I have many christmas traditions as well with my family. Sometimes we overlook the true meaning of Christmas and it’s nice to see you recognize it is a time to gather with family and be grateful for what we have. Well done.

    • Annika, I absolutely loved this post! It is getting me in the Christmas spirit, and makes me realize that it truly is “the most wonderful time of the year”, even if some Scrooges try to ruin it for you…coughTrevorandRyancough

    • Hi Annika,

      You have a great writing style! Your descriptions were nicely put and painted a nice picture. I can relate to the Christmas cookies and songs. My family also shares many traditions such as decorating together. I think traditions really bring families together and I hope to create more as I get older. You seem like you really have summarizing down. I am trying to work on that. Do you have any tips?


  • Hillary Clinton’s believes that costs shouldn’t be a barrier for those who are to attend school. Some ways she is hoping to make this dream a reality is through having states invest in education, community col

    • Will replied 3 years ago

      Thanks Annika I’ll use these tips I the future. Good writing too by the way. Your piece was well crafted and expertly organized.

  • Annika commented on the post, History of Soccer 3 years ago

    Very nice! I feel much more informed about soccer and the way it transcends gender.

  • Annika commented on the post, I'm Perfect. Imperfect. 3 years ago

    As a girl in high school I related to this post. I think more people in this world to preach the perfect body being every body. Thank you Malia for warming my heart.

  • Annika and Profile picture of SethSeth are now friends 3 years ago

  • In the search to improve my handwriting I discovered one outlying bad habit that I have acquired over my years of writing: “finger writing”. Finger writing is when you let the wrist and fingers do all of the wor

    • Louis replied 3 years ago

      I think this is a super thoughtful post! It does not occur to people all to often that writing is actually an exercise that needs careful attention if you want to perform well. I really liked the eloquence of your writing too. It made reading a little blurb on a not terribly interesting subject (compared to many other of the post topics) very pleasant and satisfying. Great!

    • I like the fact that you posted about handwriting. I’m very grateful for this because I, for one, have terrible handwriting. It’s so interesting that you’re supposed to use your whole shoulder and I’m pretty sure many people didn’t know that either. I’m glad you brought up the topic since I’ve always wanted to improve my handwriting. I will use the tip and hope it works, thanks for the advice Annika.

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