• I’ve learned a lot from my research about meditation. It was easy to find benefits of meditation, but the struggle was finding consequences. Some of the consequences that I did find, however, were releases of

    • Hi Lily,

      I thought it was very interesting that you found some negative side effects of meditation. I hadn’t thought of things like trauma memories resurfacing, that’s pretty crazy. Meditation is definitely something I’ve been thinking of looking into! Thank for your input.


    • This is very interesting and informational. I have always been a huge supporter of meditation but I never thought about the fact that it could have negative side effects. Maybe they could be not negative at all and are good because it’s a way of dealing with repressed memories. Sometimes that can be a healing experience. I don’t know, I’m not a psychologist. Interesting article, thanks for sharing:)

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    Genevieve, as an avid coffee drinker, I am very interested in what you have to say. While I’m sure there are both benefits and consequences to coffee, it’s strange that no one really focuses on the benefits. I, like you said, have never thought about the vitamins in coffee. Perhaps something else you can research is the effect of coffee in…[Read more]

  • Hello Celia. I can’t say that I’ve ever put so much thought into trigger warnings, but I like what you have to say about them. In this technologically advanced age, it is important that we, as users, look out for one another. I agree that it is vital for social media to have warnings, as not everyone is keen to seeing alarming/violent content.…[Read more]

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    Anna, I quite like your post. While I agree that saving the bees is important and good for the world, I can’t say that I am very excited about personally planting shrubs that will attract the little monsters. Alas, the environment wins. Nice post.

  • My research question is, assuming meditation alters brain pathways, what are the consequences and benefits of those alterations? Thus far, I have mainly focused my research on the effects in general. Everything I

    • This is a very interesting topic Lily 🙂 I enjoy meditation and have seen it transform some of my family members, reducing their anxiety and depression. I usually practice meditation after yoga, but just having a daily practice of meditation has helped me reduce anxiety, as well as increase motivation. I am excited to see what else you learn, good luck!!

    • Lilly, this is a topic that relates to all of us.It could be neat if you looked at people like monks that mediate for a large amount time in their lives and how it impacts them. You could also look into the effects it has on youth.

    • I really like the info about meditations if you can tell 🙂 This is so interesting to learn about. Yesterday, I did a one hour yoga session and just from that I could feel a substantial difference in my mental well being.

    • I love this topic! I don’t do meditation often but when I do I feel more awake and aware of my surroundings. I usually do meditation in my yoga practices and it helps me increase my mood and motivation. I can’t wait to hear more about what you find about this topic!

    • Hi Lily,
      I really enjoyed reading this. I have always wanted to try meditation as someone who has a lot of stress and doesn’t know how to cope with it. I just don’t have the time to dedicate towards it. Hopefully I can manage to get this time in because it seems like it would be beneficial.

  • Hello Joseph. I like what you’ve proposed here. I never thought about this. I am also curious as to what makes Marvel so popular. It seems that they are more than just you’re next comic book. Good luck.

  • Lula, I think this is a really good topic to research. I didn’t know the true meaning of “jihad”, but simply took it with a negative connotation because that’s the status quo. By writing this research paper you are challenging that. I think that this is a very important topic to be delving into, especially with where politics is right now.

  • Scientists have spent a lot of time researching the power of meditation. With its coming popularity in the West, people are looking for proof that it benefits them. Yale and Brown are among the universities who

    • This was so interesting. After taking yoga, I also agree that meditation can have many positive impacts and that if we implement this daily we could all live happier, better lives. I also think that meditation allows you to focus on the things that are important in life over the wants of life. Learning about how meditation affects the brain was so interesting. It also brings up the question of why meditation is causing this reaction in the brain and what meditation has that affects the brain so positively.

  • Dear Carmen,
    I too wrote about sexual assault and rape. It is truly blasphemous that rape culture is still going today, and is seen as something that women need to work on. The justice system does indeed to to work on fair and equal punishment, and bring to light the true severity of rape. You did an amazing job citing your work and having your…[Read more]

  • Blake, I like your idea. However, maybe instead of focusing solely on how your own religion is persecuted, perhaps you could also include how your religion persecutes others? I feel that religious pressures on different faiths is prevelant in all sectors. If you talked about both sides, and perhaps proposed a solution to both issues, your paper…[Read more]

  • I agree about it being great that you expanded your own opinion! However, there are a few things you have said that lead me to question the validity of some of your claims. You said that depressions and recessions are the “greatest factor in reducing inequality”. I’m going to assume you’re talking about income inequality, but nonetheless that is…[Read more]

  • Thomas, as you have commented, this election has raised a lot of questions about who are future president is. Speculation theories are running high on who Donald Trump really is. While I am with you on the hope that he is changing, I still have reservations about a president who would lie to an entire country, unite behind a political party he…[Read more]

  • Naomi, this is a really great topic. I never even considered the harm body wash and cleaning materials would have on the environment in the big picture. This post really makes me aware of what I am using in my daily life. I agree that it is very important that we always keep the environment in mind. This was an extremely informative post. I really…[Read more]

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    Hi Shirley,
    I liked the topics you brought up here. I particularly enjoyed how you said “Immigrants are just as important as American citizens.” This really brings the whole immigration issue back to human rights and human dignity. I would like to know, however, do you have any suggestions for immigration reform? The candidates this election have…[Read more]

  • Dear Chris,
    I agree wholeheartedly that equality is something the next president needs to work hard to achieve. The movement “Black Lives Matter” is gaining rapid momentum and is really changing the justice system. Do you have any suggestions on how the president should go even further towards equality? Also, as to your last statement about laws…[Read more]

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  • I like the subject of your post, but it seemed your thoughts were a little jumbled. It was a good idea, but perhaps organize what you want to say a bit more next time. I like how you stayed neutral on your opinion though. Nice!

  • I never thought about the fact that vaccinations are government required. I just figured that that’s what you do before you go to school. It’s very interesting that some people avoid these vaccinations for religious reasons. I personally cannot imagine not getting vaccinated knowing the risks of these diseases. However, I think it is very…[Read more]

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    It has become a common notion that traditional private schools have to wear uniforms. However, that custom is becoming more popular in not just private institutions, but is now spreading to public schools. During

    • I don’t like uniforms but it helps not having to put thought into getting dressed in the morning.

    • Lily-
      I definitely agree with this! Uniforms make it much easier to get ready in the morning but they limit what you can wear and you aren’t able to express yourself as much if we all look the same.

  • Wow! I had no clue about the workings of chameloans. It is so interesting that they can change their cell size and the wavelength with which they receive them. This was very clearly written and put the scientific

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