• Anthony, I think you brought acrosss very good points in your essay. Drinking for many kids is a “forbidden fruit” which makes some want to drink even more just for the feeling of rebellion. If the drinking age were to be lowered or if more parents exposed their children to alcohol then maybe their children wouldn’t feel the need to binge drink…[Read more]

  •    It Belongs Not to Me.


    Dancing with never ending fields

    Three pairs of feet leaping across water

    The air swollen with pollen

    A single spotlight behind glass

    People drunk with glee

    Words spitting out of

    • Estimada Lily:

      Estoy asombrada por tu poema, “No pertenece a mi ” por que hay cosas que deseamos hacer, pero que enrealidad no las podemos realizar y nos damos cuenta de que en realidad no son para nosotros.

      Una frase que escribiste que se destaca para mi es”Mas alla de vidrio pulido mis ojos se arrugan en la fascinación, perlas blancas brillantes un único punto de mira, no me pertenece” por que hay personas a quienes sus papás lo obligan a estudiar o hacer algo que en realidad no les gusta y no las pueden realizar por que no pertenecen a ello.

      Gracias por tu escritura.Espero ver lo que escribes a continuación, pues quiero saber mas sobre lo que escribes acerca de lo que no nos pertenece.


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    Koji your post instantly brought a smile to my face. ZAMBONI! You made this word deeper in meaning and you made it exciting, who wouldn’t love the sound or feeling this word gives when it rolls off the tongue? Zamboni is a word that is going to be widely used in my vocabulary from now on, I’ll use it in all the random scenarios…..even if it doe…[Read more]

  • Wow, great post Zachary! Reading this made the word “empowering” have so much more meaning, it made me think of people or things I consider empowering. Your post makes your readers think which I loved, it opened my eyes to how intricate language can be and the importance of our words. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and ideas!

  • This I Believe….to Succeed We Must Fail

    Has life kicked you in the ass before? If your answer was no, you are one very fortunate and fictitious person. I would like to believe that the world is filled with “

  • Hi Alex! Your post brings up a huge problem, often ignored, that is happening everyday; everywhere. Bullying can be seen in all forms and can greatly effect one person or many all at once. You said in your post that you have a sister and would do anything for her, I completely understand. I would do absolutely anything for my family. Many family…[Read more]

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    Have to say after reading this “bamboozled” might just be my new favorite word! This post put a huge smile on my face and I’ll be looking for every opportunity to put “bamboozled” to good use….even if I must do the bamboozling myself. ;)))

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    Lila, I completely agree with your statement that equality and individualism are one of the same in our society. The fact that we are independent with individual thoughts and beliefs living in a civilization where we are surrounded by separate and divergent ideas and perspectives is a huge sign of equality. In a world where every one is different…[Read more]

  • Noor, I loved your post and completely agree with your statements. America is a land of opportunity and a big part of what makes this statement true is our freedoms. As Americans we are very proud of our privileges and hold them very dear to us, they are the clothes on our backs, and we wear them with pride knowing no one should strip us of them.

  • Hey Zoe! I found your post really enlightening. We are emotional beings who are naturally selfish and egocentric, we want attention, some of us strive for it. Even though some of us deny it we are alike in this way, we want to be known and rise to the top. I like how you stated that as humans we “thrive on positive relationships and c…[Read more]

  • SAM! Your post was very intriguing, it brought up a lot of good points. Our society is centered majorly on money and financial success, like you said, “America is a self-centered country full of self-centered people” and I completely agree. Humans are naturally selfish beings who will do almost anything to achieve their “American dream” which can…[Read more]

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