• Dear Yahaira,
    I enjoyed reading your comic. Thank you for sharing this part of your life. I taught your comic was organized and descriptive. I liked that you mentioned you thoughts about your mom leaving and that your mom also said how she wished she could’ve brought you with her. I look forward to seeing more of your writing and drawings.

  • Lilian commented on the post, Family Uniting 1 year, 5 months ago

    Dear Jovana,
    Thanks for sharing this special moment in your life. I enjoyed reading this comic because is really nice the way you arranged the panels. I liked the last panel because it’s very sweet when you saw your grandma after 13 years. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

    • Dear Lily,

      I enjoyed reading your comic because I can relate to being separated from a love one. Similarly to my comic, my mom left and I was left in charge of home. I’m glad that your mom was able to come back and get you. I’m also glad that you were able to meet your brother and after some time reunite with your dad. Thanks for sharing such a memorable moment for you with us. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your writing.

  • Lilian commented on the post, Family Matters 1 year, 5 months ago

    Dear Miguel,
    I enjoyed reading your comic. It was very nice and detailed. What stood out to me the most was, “In the end of the day we always have fun, and I’m glad to spend time with my family.” This stood out to me because it shows how important your family is to you. That you like spending time with them and have fun with them. This comic also…[Read more]

  • Dear Yahaira,
    I liked the way you wrote your poem because it was very descriptive. Almost if I was there. A sentence that stood out to me was, “Awkwardly hearing.Awkwardly speaking.Awkwardly sitting.” because it shows how you felt at that time. I think you have gone through a lot based on what you have posted in your recent post but you have…[Read more]

  • Dear Lisseth,
    I liked your comic because it’s really cute. I liked the way you said, “I felt happiness and love when I had him on my arms.” This shows how much love you have for him when you first saw him. I enjoyed reading your comic because I felt the love. Thank you for sharing this nice comic about your little nephew. I look forward to seeing…[Read more]

  • Dear Jovana,
    I enjoyed reading your poem about your family because it’s very honest. You talked about your auntie dying from breast cancer and how you saw her fought this battle until you couldn’t see her anymore. One sentence that stood out to me was, “I’m blessed to have a family that I can count on who can support me and be there for me even w…[Read more]

  • My family,

    Is made of love and tears

    Laughter and years

    And grows stronger every year.


    My family is like music

    Filled with high notes,

    Filled with low notes,

    But always a

    Graceful song.


    My f

    • Dear Lilian, thank you for sharing this piece about your family it looks like you are really close to your family and even though you guys have gone through difficult moments. Your written piece is really similar to mines I am also really close to my family and I have also lost someone who I was really close to. One part of your piece that really stands out to me is My family is like music

      Filled with high notes,

      Filled with low notes,

      But always a

      Graceful song.

      You used lots of figurative language and it made your piece very powerful, thank you for sharing this.

    • Dear Lily,

      I liked how you described your family. A phrase that stood out to me was My family is like music, Filled with high notes, Filled with low notes..” I liked it because you included both good and bad memories your family has gone through. It’s not always laughter and it’s not always sadness but with the support and love of people who are close to us, we can live through it. You also used a lot of figurative language which makes us know how you feel about your family and how close you are to them.
      Thanks for writing.

    • Dear Lilian,
      You’re an amazing poet. Your piece was strong and it flowed really good. I’m hella excited to see what you’ll write about next. Thank you for showing a side that isn’t always seen.

  • Dear Cesar,
    I enjoyed reading you poem. I thought it was creative and fun to read. I liked that you put a jokes in your poem. I taught your joke,” What is the difference between a snowman and snowwoman? Snowballs”. was a good joke that I hadn’t heard before. I think that putting this jokes made your poem funny and interesting to continue…[Read more]

  • Dear Esme,
    Thank you for writing this poem about you being helpful as hell. I like that you took your parents advice and applied it to your life. I enjoyed the way you wrote, “One day you can have it all,the other, you can have nothing.Life is about supporting and helping each other.Is not a competition, were all in this together.” I think what…[Read more]


    It’s good to be kind

    I would give a stranger my very last

    Just to hear their joy

    The giving of oneself is

    The greatest gift of all

    A simple hug

    Or a helping hand

    To a stranger,friend, or

    • Thank you Lily for expressing how you feel about being kind through this poem. I agree with what you said about how being kind can make someone else’s day,a single act of kindness. It’s really important for people to be kind like you.I hope that there are many more people in this world who think and act the same way as you.

    • Lilian,
      I love this piece. I also like your choice in title as well. I hear the word nice thrown around a lot as a synonym for kind, but I consider the two very different, and this wasn’t brought to my attention until recently. I think kind is a very powerful word, and I think that staying kind, especially in the world we live in today is really quite important. Thank you for sharing your work, I really enjoyed reading it.

    • This poem says a lot about your personality, you are a nice person! Thank you for your writing.

    • I love your piece! it is really special that you are able to share so much about yourself through this. Thanks for your writing!

  • Lilian Maria Garcia Tista is the name my parents gave me. They named me after their mother’s. “Lilian “ connects me to my grandma because she is my motivation. “Maria” links me to my second grandma’s family and

    • Dear, Lilian

      Thank you for sharing information about your name. I really appreciated how you explained who and what your name connects to. I also like that you explained some of your family members and how they bring motivation to you. I also enjoyed reading your similes and metaphors they were really creative and they really show the love that you have for your grandma and how she was really caring and took care of her family. It really shows that you care about your grandma and that she motivates you to do better and I can connect with this because I feel the same way about my grandma. Thank you again for sharing some of your personal information I really enjoyed reading about it and learning new things about you.

      Sincerely, Joana

  • Dear Leslie,
    I am thankful that you wrote, “Education and Immigration in Oakland” because I am undocumented too and I believe that I have the same opportunities as every American. Just because you are an immigrant doesn’t mean you can’t do what other people can. That is why I am thankful that you decided to write about this very important issue…[Read more]

  • Dear PJ,
    I am interested by your topic, “Why memorization doesn’t work” because it talks about how the U.S educational system is not good for kids. It shows how teens and kids can be impacted by memorization. A sentence that stood out to me was, “Memorization also causes stress in teens that can lead to things like cheating or a lack of wanting to…[Read more]

  • Dear Shania,
    I am glad that you wrote,”Is Your Society Impacted” because it shows the different ways our community is being impacted through violence and gentrification. I think is important that people know what’s going on in their community to be informed. One sentence that stood out to me is, ” I know that gentrification can lead to violence…[Read more]

  • Life is full of adventures, adversities, and lessons all of which impact and alter our values and beliefs. Every person is born into a community, surrounded by people, and faced with multiple challenges, all

    • Lily,

      I find this post very interesting. I like when you said “”American” is a widely used term, and what is its meaning? Naturally you would hear this question and simply google, “American definition” but I’m not asking for the textbook definition. I am asking what is the essential significance to this word, what is YOUR interpretation of the word, and what does it mean to YOU to be an American?” This question makes me think of values that are important to me in this country. I found a source that you could check out (https://www.thebalance.com/what-is-the-american-dream-today-3306027), it talks about what the American dream is like today. I think you bring up many good points and you write very clearly. I look forward to reading your work in the future because I think it will give me good insight on various topics.

  • Freedom, equality, and individualism; these three words may seem simple but their meanings go far beyond textbook definition. In many cases, these words define our society. For being American is to be an equal

    • I agree with the things you said above, I have found an article that also agrees. I hope you can read this and see new information. http://www.crisismagazine.com/2017/life-liberty-pursuit-happiness

    • Lily, I found this article to be interesting. I think many of the points that you brought up also can apply to many other countries around the world. Countries like Switzerland, Canada, and Denmark all share similar freedoms and many have more freedoms than America. Freedom allows us to function properly as a society and make the world a better place.

    • Lily,
      This post was very well written. I really enjoyed how you took three passages from important documents and explained how they related to your issue. I agree that “freedom, equality, and individualism” are important when creating a unique society, but I also believe that because people are all different they may value newer ideas such as status or ability to make certain choices. I believe it is this mix of new and old values that creates different cultures. Your compilation of ideas were very interesting to read and I look forward to what you write next.

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