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The Journey to Extremism

In recent months, political extremism has become more and more apparent in America. Due in part to the rise of internet-accessibility and screentime, due to the pandemic. I read Luke Munn’s research article describing an individual’s path to extremism and the psychological occurrences that happen alongside. Generally, indoctrination to the alt-right occurs gradually; incremental nudges of both personal experience and […]

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What is the “alt-right pipeline”?

The escalation of the political climate not only in America, but across the globe is deeply apparent. Over the past year, the world has witnessed a myriad of seemingly impossible events: from a ranging global pandemic, protests in nearly every city, and rioting on the Capitol steps. It is safe to say we’ve all noticed a rapid radicalization in the […]

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Holocaust and Antisemitic Education in the United States

Antisemitism has always been a major issue within the US, but lately, hate crimes and hateful acts towards Jewish people have been on the rise. In fact, assault, harassment, and vandalism against Jews have hit an all-time high in the past year, increasing 57% since 2016. Historically, anti-Jewish sentiments seem to increase in times of economic and political upheavals, and […]

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Work From Home: The Downsides

Previously, I had analyzed the “pros” along with the likelihood of the workforce going back to “normal.” From many perspectives, it feels like work – from – home has, and will become, the new normal. But what are the downsides of the new work – from – home environment? For many, working from home is inaccessible. Many people don’t have […]

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What will the workplace look like post-COVID?

The impact of the Coronavirus within the U.S. has been extreme, greatly impacting all areas of our lives. The most universal change has been that of the workplace. Our common-day work environment rapidly and drastically changed. People talk daily of “going back to the way things were”… but will that ever happen? The answer might be no.  COVID has called […]

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