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    Holocaust and Antisemitic Education in the United States

    Antisemitism has always been a major issue within the US, but lately, hate crimes and hateful acts towards Jewish people have been on the rise. In fact, assault, harassment, and vandalism against Jews have hit an all-time high in...

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    • I would never have expected anti-Semitism to be such a prevailing issue in the modern day. But I suppose that comes from the perspective of an individual who was educated about the holocaust from a fairly young age, as a core part of historical curriculum. It is interesting to see how effective these education initiatives are, and I hope they can be implemented on a wider scale in the near future.

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    Work From Home: The Downsides

    Previously, I had analyzed the "pros" along with the likelihood of the workforce going back to "normal." From many perspectives, it feels like work - from - home has, and will become, the new normal. But what are the...

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    What will the workplace look like post-COVID?

    The impact of the Coronavirus within the U.S. has been extreme, greatly impacting all areas of our lives. The most universal change has been that of the workplace. Our common-day work environment rapidly and drastically changed. People talk daily...

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    • I thought this was really interesting! I think we have all noticed how COVID-19 has affected people working, and it is interesting to see the way my parents are feeling about working from home is similar to many others. COVID-19 will change the way the workplace functions and I agree that this might become the new normal.

    • Lilly,
      I thought the way you addressed the reality of true situation we’re in as a country in the midst of a pandemic was clear and straightforward, and also just a true statement that a lot of people probably don’t want to hear. I thought it was very interesting that you explained the importance of adaptability and acceptance, versus simply waiting around for things to go back to the way they were. I agree that whether than waiting around for something that may not happen for a long time, or may not happen at all, it’s better to work with what we have to continue with our lives.


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