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    The facts and statistics you include are shocking, they really help express just how big of an issue this is for Utahns. The statistic about vehicle emissions is new to me, but I think it would be really interesting to see your thoughts or possible solutions to this issue!

  • Hi Matthew!
    It’s clear you put a lot of work and passion into this piece! I especially liked your second source, the Langston Hughes poem. I feel like this source helps supplement your position well. I thoroughly agree with a lot of the sentiments expressed in this poem and feel that your incorporation of these sentiments was very powerful. I…Read More

  • I think your perspective of police brutality globally is really unique and rarely addressed. Police brutality is a direct violation of natural and human rights and should not occur as often as it does, not only in the United States but globally. I think it would be especially interesting to continue this topic by contrasting countries that don’t…Read More

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    The Journey to Extremism

    In recent months, political extremism has become more and more apparent in America. Due in part to the rise of internet-accessibility and screentime, due to the pandemic. I read Luke Munn's research article describing an individual's path to extremism...

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    • Lilly, I find your article very important in these times. With extremism on the high, knowing the signs of it and how to avoid it is crucial.
      If you were to perhaps include some stories on its dangers, it would add a level of narrative that would be real engaging for all those who read it.

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