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    lillian commented on the post, Highest Calling

    Hi Sara, my Grandpa served in Vietnam so I feel that both of our grandpas could relate to not being appreciated by their country. Your essay was well communicated and I think you should do audio essays more. I agree with Nick, your conclusion was great and I think many people will appreciate your post.

  • Shaquala,
    Your statement on how in history, we only learn about the oppression of the black community is totally true. We never learn about the successes of black people. I also never knew Weeksville was a thing, and it’s crazy that that isn’t taught because it seems pretty relevant.
    Your essay was very informative and effectively introduces your…Read More

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    lillian commented on the post, American Rights

    I enjoyed reading this essay. I think it covers three very prominent issues of today, police brutality, equal rights, and school violence. All three things I believe in reform very strongly. When you said “African Americans still weren’t included in what it meant to be American. It also stated, “No public meetings of negroes shall be all…Read More

  • Thank you Heather, I do agree I am still working on improving my in-text citations; that will be one of the edits I make. I definitely recommend the book. The movie is also coming out soon so if you don’t read the book you should see it in theaters.

  • Hi Quenshawn, that stat is just how likely police officers are to not be convicted of a crime, not how much they get away with injuring or killing somebody. It could have been the way I phrased it that could have caused a misunderstanding.

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