• Gregory Gunn, Samuel DuBose, Brendon Glenn, Freddie Gray, Walter Scott, Michael Brown Jr., Eric Garner, Tamir Rice all unarmed victims who have died at the hands of a police officer. In The Hate U Give, it was a

    • Lillian, I really like the statistics you added to the paper. They add support to the article but I would like to know where you got them. I am so interested in this book and hopefully can find time to read it.

    • I’m so glad that you posted this because it’s important to talk about these things that people just want to ignore and I like that you included data to go along with everything that you were saying.

    • lillian,

      Thanks for sharing your contribution and perspectives. My students at the U School, have read Angie’s Thomas poignant story. I am hoping they will share some of equally compelling reflections from their reading and making sense of this Black Live Matters meets Inner City Blues saga. Keep writing!

    • Lillian, I really like the statistics you added to the paper. They add support to the article but I would like to know where you got them. I am so interested in this book and hopefully can find time to read it.

    • *statistics

    • I Like She Explain The Young Boy To African American And Gave Him A Description about the boy and how he wrote his example of the book and what was he doing in the book

    • I enjoyed the fact that she gave real statics and she understands the struggle that black people go through. How can we feel safe in our community if the cops are legally armed and cant even call them for help because we feel as if their against us.

    • i like the fact that you posted this. i found the statistics to be very informing.

    • i liked the way you talked about the police officer its kinda like similiar to whats happening in the hate u give .

    • i think the hate you give is strong book and talks about the streets and also like the book because it is a real book that talks about the true of the streets and what has been going on wit cops killing people for no reason.

    • Lillian,i like how you really sat there and took your time and talked about the truth, and i like your statistics that you added. and another reason why i like this because now days people don’t talk about the things you just said.

    • police suck

    • Lillian, I like that you included some of the victims and statistics to pull this piece together to backup your statements.

    • lillan the hate u give is a very good book and i really enjoyed this piece of it

    • After reading the book and this article I think they diverse they show all slide of the story. They show you the after math of what happens when someone black is killed by police. This book is something that little black boys and girls should read to show them there are more people out there like them that goes thought these challenges

    • I really love this novel because Star really describes me .

    • i really like the book because it talks about things that really goes on in life . Thats also about police officers some really have something against us blacks and some really don’t care if we are black or white they treat us the same .

    • the paragraph is good but the life its unfair

    • Lillian,
      i absolutely agree with what you wrote there are too many innocent black victims that get killed and their killers get to walk away free with no conviction or any type of punishment the family of these victims never get justice for their loved ones. when the roles are reversed and a white person gets killed they immdiately go to a black person .
      in some cases black people are wrongfully convicted of crimes they didn’t do. the white youth today has to realize being black isn’t cool and it’s a constant struggle to be treated fairly.

  • Jesse, I agree completely with what you’re writing. I feel I can relate a lot because I was raised I a conservative household with parents that raised me to be republican. But when I got older I started to be introduced to injustices in the world and I started to educate myself no the other side of the narrative. And now I’m the outlier in my…[Read more]

  • American society has many deep-rooted characteristics that consist of attitudes,

    values, and beliefs. Political culture improves communication throughout communities

    and people share a knowledge of political

    • I agree that wars have influenced American’s views of the world. When another nation attacks ours, we do seem to treat them differently and invade their territories like we did in Iraq after the 9/11 attacks.

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