• Dominic this was very well typed post, I agree with you and notice that uniforms don’t really serve any purpose in the school system.

  • Schools all across the nation speak about how uniforms are a positive to the school environment and increases student safety. While there is a plethora of pros on to why uniforms are helping the school community

    • i agree that students should have the freedom to wear what they want as long as it follows dress code policies.

    • Dear Deng,
      I agree with you everyone should be able to wear what they want as long as it follows the dress code. I understand no one wants to wear the same thing as everyone in school or just wear the same thing everyday. I’m very lucky i go to a school that i get to wear what i want.

  • Graham, this was a helpful, I understand what to stay away from, and learned a lot on the consequences of nicotine.

  • Religious freedom has become on of the most debated topics that has been brought about. In America the Constitution states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or p

    • Deng, I definitely think that freedom of religion is such a significant topic to be talking about. In our world today, there is still discrimination and prejudice that surrounds certain religions. As a predominantly Christian nation, the outsiders get no attention, and almost get hatred for the fact that they are a different religion. Here’s is a link offering up some frequently asked question about religion that I found very interesting: https://www.aclu.org/other/your-right-religious-freedom. Religion has become a delicate topic to talk about, and I am glad that you displayed your point on here. I think the practice of religion should be free to all, and if it is kept separate from state and government, it should be good. Religion offers much diversity to our nation, and I found another link showing how religion can influence our society in different ways: http://marripedia.org/effects_of_religious_practice_on_society. Deng, thank you for writing about this, and I am excited to see what comes from you next.

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    James, this was a good topic, I like how you speak about both sides and go into detail. Abortion is a serious matter in America.

  • There has been an ongoing debate about the death penalty. The big issue behind the death penalty is that people across the country think its inhumane for someones life to be taken. The governments viewpoints are

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