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Jane Eyre: A Lesson in Writing

YouthCastsJane Eyre: A Lesson in Writing DISCRIMINATION RAP Where I’m From What Goes Around, Comes Back Around Creativity In The Classroom Rape Culture is Unacceptable Border Security… ISIS 8 Miles Away Is Alcohol a Drug unwanted letter Inauguration Day 2021 Infographic-Anti-War Park Slope Then and Now Sunset Park The Carnival Children Ripped Away From Their Families Body positivity Don’t ForgetSenior […]

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Native Cuisine: A Story of Oppression

Cuisine may be essential to assimilation and acceptance for immigrants within American society, but what is its significance for the indigenous peoples who inhabited the land long before European contact? Ironically, Americans know little to nothing about indigenous cuisine, mostly due to the lack of native education within the school system. Although it seems strange that the first cuisine of […]

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A bulldozer to his plaything

The speaker in “To His Coy Mistress” is persistent, certainly a force to be reckoned with. However, his domineering nature does not lend itself to a charming and “nice” guy. Rather, his beautiful words and mastery of language become a bulldozer, both blind and deaf to its listener. He admits his lust by acknowledging the kind of love and attention […]

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The Intersection of Culture and Cuisine

When asked what the American cuisine is, many will respond by saying “french fries,” “hamburgers,” or “high cholesterol.” Others might insist that the American cuisine does not even exist. While the United States may be known for its greasy foods, it certainly does have a rich and diverse cuisine founded on the culinary traditions of peoples from all around the […]

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The Importance of a Second Language in a Multilingual World

Today, although most of the world is multilingual, many Americans are not fluent in a second language. This is due to the lack of emphasis on foreign language by the United States education system as only ten states require foreign language courses as a high school graduation requirement (Engle). Some argue that it is unnecessary for native English speakers to […]

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The Western Wall: A Pilgrimage for Identity

Throughout history, people have traveled to sites they hold sacred in order to request divine intercession and strengthen their spiritual bond via self-reflection. This practice, known as a pilgrimage, was very common during the Middle Ages as religion was one of the few deliverances of hope for the people However, as the world has become more secular, how has the […]

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