• LiannP

Maia, Great work on this post! I love how you began with an evaluation of the pros and cons of social media; it really shows your ability to objectively analyze a topic. This post is especially interesting to me because it highlights the necessity to evolve with technology. As the...

Great work, Sarah! I thoroughly enjoyed this post as I have never heard about Blue Zones. It’s so interesting to see how different cultures place such an emphasis on healthy eating since the US pushes so many unhealthy foods. I love how you incorporated statistics in order to demonstrate...

Jess, Thank you for a great read! It was fascinating but also saddening to read about the prevalence of mental health issues that student athletes face. They must be under immense pressure from having to juggle school, sports, family/social life, and also work. Often times, physical pain is the first...

Madison, I appreciate your article on this topic as it a frustration experienced by many students, from middle school to university level, that has gone relatively unaddressed within education systems in the United States. From my own experience, school has become synonymous with being “perfect” and earning straight As instead...

Conflict In China View Comment
  • @LiannP
  • November 19, 2020

Emmanuel, I appreciate that you shed light on the despicable act by the CCP in this post. The Chinese government has certainly violated human rights and needs to be confronted and held accountable. One thing you said that stood out to me is “Although we may not be of the...

Trophies View Comment
  • @LiannP
  • November 19, 2020

Juan, I am intrigued by your post about the value of trophies and the lack of substance behind participation trophies because it explains the importance of failure. One thing you said that stands out for me is “ can build character and motivation for the rest.” I find this...

Izzy, I am intrigued with your post because I have never fully explored the role of children's literature as the foundation of youth education and ultimately, values and morals. One commentary you said that stands out for me is when you mentioned how everybody, even politicians, doctors, and teachers, is...

Non-Religious Pilgrimage View Comment
  • @LiannP
  • November 2, 2020

Izzy, Your post greatly intrigued me since it offers an alternative answer to the question “what is a pilgrimage.” Your reflection clearly examines how pilgrimages are not strictly just religious. Besides a spiritual awakening, these journeys can also unleash a deeper understanding of self in relation to society. One thing...

Procrastination in Teenagers. View Comment
  • @LiannP
  • October 24, 2020

Dear Isabella, I am intrigued by your post, “Procrastination in Teenagers” because it clearly relates to my own life as well as the lives of my peers. It clearly explains the hidden reasons behind procrastination, showing how there is often a larger issue behind the practice besides pure laziness....

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