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  • Emmanuel,

    I appreciate that you shed light on the despicable act by the CCP in this post. The Chinese government has certainly violated human rights and needs to be confronted and held accountable. One thing you said that stood out to me is “Although we may not be of the same religion I still see them as another person and just because they h…Read More

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    I am intrigued by your post about the value of trophies and the lack of substance behind participation trophies because it explains the importance of failure. One thing you said that stands out for me is “ can build character and motivation for the rest.” I find this very true as when I was younger, the prospect of winning a trophy exc…Read More

  • Izzy,
    I am intrigued with your post because I have never fully explored the role of children’s literature as the foundation of youth education and ultimately, values and morals. One commentary you said that stands out for me is when you mentioned how everybody, even politicians, doctors, and teachers, is guided through their elementary years by…Read More

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    The Importance of a Second Language in a Multilingual World

    Today, although most of the world is multilingual, many Americans are not fluent in a second language. This is due to the lack of emphasis on foreign language by the United States education system as only ten states require...

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    • I am shocked about your post because not many people talk about this topic and i think its a very important topic.
      One sentence that struck out to me was ,” Travel requires the desire and willingness to adapt to new cultures. In some occupations, it is essential to be able to communicate with many different peoples as the global business community has become more and more integrated.’’ I felt that this a very important besides just seeing a country, learning about its culture is what makes such a difference between visiting it and actually getting to know it.
      Another sentence that stood out to me was “ Today, although most of the world is multilingual, many Americans are not fluent in a second language.”.I agree because when they travel or meet other people that don’t speak English or understand the American culture they might get mad and feel like they should learn English and the same goes for Americans.
      Thank you for your writing ,i hope to read more!
      BY:Taz #harvest

    • Dear Liann :
      I am surprised by your post, “The Importance of a Second Language in a Multilingual World,” because it is shocking to know how important knowing a second language is in order to communicate with others.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “learning a second language is highly beneficial as it leads to heightened cultural understanding, an attribute much needed in today’s divided world, and offers a host of cognitive advantages”. I think this is important because we must realize that learning different languages can create connections between people and other cultures.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because the information that you give seems very important.

    • Hi Liann

      I think your post is very interesting and think you formatted everything very well. It was very easy for me to read and I agree with you that a second language would be very beneficial to all. I also agree with you when you said that a second form of communication could provide a foundation for success later in life.


    • Hello Liann,
      I thought your paper was spot on that learning a second language is highly beneficial leading to culture understanding, encouraging empathy, and openness of other cultures. As a person who is bilingual I have an Insight to two cultures and that allows me to communicate to a wider range of people.
      Good job!!

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    The Western Wall: A Pilgrimage for Identity

    Throughout history, people have traveled to sites they hold sacred in order to request divine intercession and strengthen their spiritual bond via self-reflection. This practice, known as a pilgrimage, was very common during the Middle Ages as religion was...

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