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    Jane Eyre: A Lesson in Writing

    Charlotte Bronte’s impressive world-building skills are apparent from the very first chapter of her magnum opus, Jane Eyre. The novel begins with a description of the dreary, dark weather, reflecting the neglected state of Jane as well as establishing...

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  • Maia,

    Great work on this post! I love how you began with an evaluation of the pros and cons of social media; it really shows your ability to objectively analyze a topic. This post is especially interesting to me because it highlights the necessity to evolve with technology. As the world enters an increasingly hi-tech reality, it is essential…Read More

  • Great work, Sarah!

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post as I have never heard about Blue Zones. It’s so interesting to see how different cultures place such an emphasis on healthy eating since the US pushes so many unhealthy foods. I love how you incorporated statistics in order to demonstrate how significant diet is to health and life expectancy. A…Read More

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    Native Cuisine: A Story of Oppression

    Cuisine may be essential to assimilation and acceptance for immigrants within American society, but what is its significance for the indigenous peoples who inhabited the land long before European contact? Ironically, Americans know little to nothing about indigenous cuisine,...

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    • Great post, Liann!

      I appreciate your post because it is important to recognize that there are effects to colonization that ultimately lead indigenous peoples to feel stripped of their cultural identity, and cuisine can certainly champion the representation of one’s identity. As I read in your post, it is disheartening to hear that the government has done so little to help indigenous peoples with upholding their food needs to ensure that their cultural heritage is protected.

      Your comparison between the fast food chain’s failure to represent Native cuisine, but ability to represent Chinese American’s cuisine through Panda Express is interesting to me, as you demonstrate that Natives represent a larger percentage of the United States’ population. I, too wrote about the United States’ relationship with food, and unfortunately, I, too found poor trends in how we handle the important role that cuisine has on our life. I appreciate that you raised awareness about the cultural issues that our country has with cuisine, as I wrote about the health issues that our country has with cuisine.

      I look forward to what you will write next, as you shed light into fundamentally crucial cultural issues that our country has faced and will continue to face.

  • The speaker contorts the carpe diem sentiment by creating an overwhelming sense of urgency and playing on the fears of growing old in order to pressure his lover into an intimate and sacred act that is supposed to represent a selfless giving of oneself to another.

    I chose this gif because it represents how the speaker only takes his lustful…Read More

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