• The healthcare system in America is undergoing a lot of stress at the moment. Between the ACA, the argument between privatization and socialization of the system, tension is high. The polarization of politics only

  • I do disagree with this post. Yes, romantic relationships can serve as a distraction from a student’s primary job. But are there not distractions in real life? High school is a formative time, in which we are supposed to grow intellectually AND socially. Experiencing feelings for others is a huge part of what occupies our brains, and we have to…[Read more]

  • Celia, this is a very good post! As mental illness is becoming less and less taboo, it is super important that people become well learned on how to address mental illness. Speaking to the subject of your discussion, I think that trigger warnings are not always. Speaking personally, I suffer with anxiety and depression, and I would prefer to…[Read more]

  • The idea of integrating government controlled health care in the US is daunting, particularly due to our values of freedom from government intervention. Many in our country think that things like health care and

  • Bernie Sanders is one of the only leading politicians in our country that supports strong government intervention and regulation of most processes. Sanders would argue that the government should pay for citizens’

    • I love the topic that you’ve picked. I think that a lot of what Bernie supports can really relate to the younger generations. I am interested in seeing what else you find and if there is any possible way to bridge all the gaps in our society.

    • I’m very excited to see what you conclude in your research of Bernie Sanders. His belief in political intervention and the benefits that could ensue are very inspiring. I also think it would be interesting to see his ideas compared to policies already in place in other countries throughout the world. The cost of higher education is a very heated topic right now and it’s a great thing to bring to discussion as it is currently so controversial.

    • I Ellie’s idea of comparing Bernie’s ideas with policies already in place in other countries is a great idea. Bernie’s socialism seems very radical to many people, but it really isn’t when you look at other free countries. In fact, we are just about the only advanced democratic nation that does not provide universal health care. I really like this topic, and I think you can do a lot with it!

    • Dear, Louis

      I am very moved by your post Bernie Sanders’ Socialism. One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is “Bernie Sanders is one of the only leading politicians in our country that supports strong government intervention and regulation of most processes” this is such a good sentence because you are talking about Bernie Sanders’ good work and bringing up the fact that he supports strong government intervention and regulation. I do agree with you that Bernie is a strong politician! I honestly would have loved him as our president but sadly we don’t. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because your post was very detailed and well explained. I also would like to see another post of yours because I also get to learn from you just like I learned that Bernie is one of the only leading politicians in our country just by reading your post!

  • Donald Trump has recently picked Scott Pruitt to head the EPA during his presidency. The man that Trump has picked to lead an organization aimed at protecting mother earth is one of the largest proponents of an

    • Louis, I completely agree that he is a direct threat to our Earth. You made a lot of well evidence-based arguements that made your post very strong. Although this is a scary topic, you did a good job at presenting it to raise attention and not to stir the pot. Good work!

    • Louis, when I learned more about Trump’s pick I too felt extremely concerned. I think that it is important to have someone who actually believes in helping our environment run the Environmental Protection Agency. I hope that Pruitt can look past his on skepticism and work with both Democrats and Republicans to help make our world more sustainable for future generations, but right now that seems unlikely. Good job on the post!

    • I agree with you. I think this decision by the president-elect has put the current environmental state in more harms way, even more than it was already. I seriously hope he is willing to look past business and think about the bigger picture, even though i sort of have my doubts. I really enjoyed this post, keep it up.

    • Like Mimi, I was very concerned when I head that Pruitt would head the EPA. We are the generation that is going to have to slow climate change and protect the environment, and the damage that Pruitt can do during his time in the EPA can cause us some serious problems. I hope that Pruitt can work well with both parties to do what he can to help save our planet. I may not agree with Trump’s pick, but I hope Pruitt proves me wrong and shows that he can do a lot for the world.

    • Louis and Mimi, I also agree that Trumps appointment of Scott Pruitt to head the EPA is very frightening. On the flip note, Bill Gates and his “Billionaire Buddies” are investing in a clean energy fund to fight climate change. Bill Gates is personally investing 1 Billion in the fund which is called the Breakthrough Energy Ventures fund (BEV). “The fund will focus its investments on projects relating to a number of clean energy issues such as carbon emission reduction and energy generation and storage.” BEV will begin investing in startups and companies in 2017.


    • Louis, I agree that Pruit his a threat to our environment also. I think this administration simply does not care about about the environment. For instance trump says that climate change is hoax created by the Chinese. Our generation is going to stuck with the many mistakes from past generations and it will be up to use to fix them.

  • Hector, you have certainly tapped into a hot issue. This is definitely an issue that is often overlooked in today’s society. I think it will be interesting to see how Trump’s ideas of “Law and Order” will affect the infringement on citizens’ rights to privacy. As it is, there is a lot of controversy as to how far the NSA should be able to go to…[Read more]

  • Nice post! Genetic engineering is super interesting. I like how you really got a grip on the subject and how it is being applied in today’s society. I think genetic engineering is going to be the most relevant field in science in the coming years.

  • Thaarini, this is a very thought provoking idea. Bio tech is a hugely up and coming field, and is attracting more and more eyes as we get closer to achieving true artificial intelligence. One of the coolest possibilities for bio tech IMO is the idea of nano bots. Way way cool. Still a long way down the road, but a really fun thing to think about.

  • I think this is a super thoughtful post! It does not occur to people all to often that writing is actually an exercise that needs careful attention if you want to perform well. I really liked the eloquence of your writing too. It made reading a little blurb on a not terribly interesting subject (compared to many other of the post topics) very…[Read more]

  • Ayla, I really appreciate what you have to say about LGBT issues. I think that law regulation in the workplace is hugely needed. I think that wage discrepancies among people in the community (in addition to the gap between men and women) is something that ought to be fixed, sooner rather than later. I really hope our nation grows in the next few…[Read more]

  • Yes Wentao, I think cancer is a huge issue in today’s society. Yet, I think your post is a little blind to what the world of science is actually discovering at this point. Gene mutations that give people predisposition to cancer have been discovered, and chemo is still decently affective at this point at treating cancer. The actual problem with…[Read more]

  • A very important issue to me in this years presidential election is the topic of the civil war in Syria, and the refugee crisis following it.


    Hillary Clinton, Jill stein, and Gary Johnson all support taking

  • The education crisis is a very real deal today. I think the clearest solution (from my very liberal point of view) is to decrease federal funding to other more non essential outlets (military, etc), and to

    • Dear Louis,
      I am interested by your post, “Should Government Fund Education” because I also think the government should be able to fund our education. Countries like Sweden and Germany actually pay you to go to a university and get your education.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is that ”to decrease federal funding to other more non essential outlets (military, etc), and to increase federal funding to all schooling institutions.” I think this is important because currently education has the least amount of spending by the government today. How do they expect us to succeed when they spend money on war than education? Therefore the focus should be on education because we are the future.
      Another sentence that I looked at was: “Education molds new generations, and without it, the quality of our society will only deteriorate” This stood out for me because the youth are the new world. We are the ones who are going to take over and create new things for this world, but if we do not get a proper education we could not benefit in this new world. We will struggle.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because your ideas caught my attention and I agreed with what you had to say in this post.

    • Louis-
      Great topic and I completely agree with you! I believe having government funded education makes for a better and more progressed society. If more funds go towards education our society would change tremendously by not having the financial stress added Great post!

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