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As You Like It Recitation

For my recitation, I chose to do a monologue from Act 3, Scene 5 of As you LIke it. This is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays, and I read the Character of Rosalind. Here, she is shaming a woman who is being rude to a man, and calling her ugly, but then this woman starts to like her (Rosalind […]

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Mental health and gun violence

Following the Parkland shooting, the President of the United States claimed that the mental health contirbuted to the mass number of shootings, which has prompted many discussions on how mental health and these shootings are correlated. The lack of action concerning mental health is frankly disturbing, and as we continue to have this conversation we need to consider the problem […]

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Gun Control and Mental Health

After the events of the Florida Shooting, I wanted to do some research into how mental health and shootings such as these are correlated. Even the president commented on how those with mental health issues were to blame. According to statistics, there have been 18 school shootings so far this year, that’s about one each day. These shootings have become […]

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Mental Health

The further society advances, the further it leaves behind those who cannot keep up. Mental disabilities are arguably the most prevalent problems in our society, they affect everyone, personally or personally.  With the declining amount of health care for those with less money, different people are getting less and less opportunities of health checks, and are becoming more prone to […]

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How does society deal with tragedy?

In society, people often deal with tragedy in different ways. Many use prayer to cope with it, ” “It’s a part of our deep longings and hopes and fears that we do have a sense of the divine. In the moments of tragedy in our lives there’s an impulse, there’s an instinct to turn to however we understand the higher power.”” […]

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Mental Health Issues in today’s Youth

I often will wonder why it is that mental health is still such a prevalent issue. In Utah, the leading cause of death for teenagers is suicide. This has been a statistic for some time now, and yet, there is little that we are doing to help it. Or at least that’s how I feel. “Adolescent depression is increasing at […]

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History passed, but discrimination hasn’t

Recently, I have noticed that certain parts of society still have a hesitancy to accept people that are “different” from them, or don’t align with how they want society to look, or act. People of different races, cultures, and those from the LGBT community are facing a discrimination that should not be a part of society any longer. If we […]

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Learning From the Past

As a society, we have failed to learn from our past mistakes. We are still repeating the past, in the worst ways, and if we do not take preventative measures, the worst parts of history will repeat themselves. We aren’t thinking about the past, why do we even bother with learning history, if we as a society do not learn […]

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