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    Dear Joana,
    How do you feel about women being associated with emotions? Do you feel this is accurate, or was this more of a spur of the moment thing. How do you feel about your culture, and do you find it a constant part of who you are? Does it set you apart? I really liked how you put in the Golden Gate Bridge, even though youve never been there…[Read more]

  • Recently, I have noticed that certain parts of society still have a hesitancy to accept people that are “different” from them, or don’t align with how they want society to look, or act. People of different races

  • Dear Students of Oakland,
    Thank you so much for enlightening me on this subject. I come from a place that gang violence isn’t on my grid, it is unheard of, and I am incredibly fortunate of that. I thought that you taking a stand is a great first step, and I think your plan is a good one. What do you think that other societies, with no violence…[Read more]

  • Dear Kevin,
    I am quite happy with your post, and am struck by it’s validity. It gives me hope that there are people striving for change across the US, it makes me feel not so alone. I grew up in a mostly white neighborhood, and have not had much experience with those of other races and cultures. I am incredibly sad about this, because I feel like…[Read more]

  • Dear Eduardo,
    Thank you for posting this. I loved how you touched on the fact that America would be greatly impacted if the immigrants were kicked out, and I think this is an issue several people overlook. What do you think that we can do, in our own communities, to help spread equality to everyone, especially immigrants, who may feel suppressed,…[Read more]

  • I agree, Lindsay. I think that having a twin would be fundamentally life changing, and would allow for a deep sibling reltionship. I think that they are more dependent on people, because they grew up knowing that they had the best support one can have. I think that they find themselves loved in a different way then other siblings. I think your…[Read more]

  • I agree with what you are saying, Chidiogo. I think that having such access to technology can lead to unhealthy habits, as well as bullying over the internet. I think that if it can be used in moderation , as well as respectfully, then it can be used to our advantage, but it is incredibly dangerous to risk it.

  • As a society, we have failed to learn from our past mistakes. We are still repeating the past, in the worst ways, and if we do not take preventative measures, the worst parts of history will repeat themselves. We

    • Lexi, I am satisfied by your post because I agree with what you think about society and how we dwell and continue to repeat the past but not take it as a learning curve. As we focus more and more on the past, we lack focus on trying to make changes to society. One thing you said that stands out for me is that “No actions are being taken to change our society, and its subconscious views of other people.” I think this really fits our society and explains how we lack change.

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