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Historic Preservation

What is Historic Preservation you must ask? A Historic Preservation is someone who identifies, evaluates, preserves, and interprets sites that are historically or culturally significant. If you’re into any of this then I would highly recommend you do this job. There are many different types of positions in this field. Some of the positions in the field focus on protecting the […]

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Should the U.S Women’s soccer team get equal pay?

The Women’s soccer team has been fighting to get paid the same amount as the Men’s soccer team does. They are fighting for this because they believe that since they qualified for more World Cups that they should get the same pay as the Men’s or even more. At the end of February of 2022, the Women’s soccer team won […]

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Traveling to space

Space traveling is something almost everyone wants to do. Imagine getting the opportunity to get to see how everything it outside of earth’s atmosphere? There are certain areas in space that only the government is allowed to see. Space has historically been controlled by government and is now apart of funds. What I learned from ‘Civilian Space Travel’ is that […]

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Was there really fake snow at Winter Olympics?

In the article “Fake Snow at the Winter Olympics” I learned that due to climate change it was really freezing where the winter Olympics were held but no snow fell. Climate change really dictated how the Olympics went. In this case, not enough snow fell and they had to use fake snow in order for them to skie and to […]

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Physical Therapist: Careers

In the article “physical therapist” (BTW) I learned that many people go to physical therapy after a very harsh injury. If you’re into athletic medicine or injuries this is the right job for you. Many people of different ages go through physical therapy treatment. Many of them get injured from sports or just of old age. Becoming a physical therapist […]

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Would you ever consider being a Veterinarian?

If you’re very interested in animals being a Vet may be the best job you can ever find. Although this job comes with many pros and cons the outcome of working with loving animals is the best. Being a vet comes with many highs and lows such as having to work on a very injured animal to seeing an animal […]

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Should cars be allowed to drunk test someone?

In the article, ¨YOU DECIDE: Cars That Stop Drunk Driving?¨ I learned the Congress passed president Biden’s request to find a way to make vehicles to test people before they get into a car to make sure they aren’t driving drunk. I believe that this is a good idea because most of the leading causes of death other than corona […]

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Would you change daylight savings?

In the article ¨Should Dayligh Savings Time Become Permanent?¨ I learned that not every country follows through with daylight savings and that it causes many Health problems. Changing the clocks back and forth twice a year has imactped sleeping schedules and caused health problmes for people that arent use to the time change. Changing the time causes seasonal depression, increases […]

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Shooting Stars=Meteors

In the article “Shooting Stars” (BTW) I learned that shooting stars are meteoroids. Seeing all of them at once are called meteor showers. Many people enjoy seeing meteor showers. A lot of people wish upon a shooting star which is called a meteor. Many meteor showers happen more and more throughout the years because of how many laps we take […]

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Should Social Media give you the freedom to speak your mind?

In the article “You Decide: School Social Media Free Speech Case” I learned that this 14-year-old girl named Brandi Levy didn’t make the cheer team and made very horrible posts/ said very mean things about the school for not making the team. After making these posts the school then punished her by suspending her from any form of cheerleading for […]

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