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    Shooting Stars=Meteors

    In the article "Shooting Stars" (BTW) I learned that shooting stars are meteoroids. Seeing all of them at once are called meteor showers. Many people enjoy seeing meteor showers. A lot of people wish upon a shooting star which...

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    Dear Jessica,
    I am very amazed at how you put the whole perception of love into words your explanation of and how you relate it to the world shows how powerful love is. One sentence that stood out to me was when you said, “ My moma taught me to be a blind lover, meaning love without anything in return nor without conditions. Love every and each…Read More

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    Should Social Media give you the freedom to speak your mind?

    In the article "You Decide: School Social Media Free Speech Case" I learned that this 14-year-old girl named Brandi Levy didn't make the cheer team and made very horrible posts/ said very mean things about the school for not...

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  • Dear Lesile,

    I feel very touched by what you said because I also have a dog who saved me. Your response says how animals can save people with anxiety or mental health problems. On sentence that you wrote that stand out to me is “they can help people with anxiety, and dogs can even help detect cancer and another thing. ” because my dog helps me…Read More

  • Dear Amra, I am very amazed by your post ¨The Art of Letting Go¨ because you talked about how the ebook expressed sad emotions and happy emotions.
    One sentence that you wrote that stands out to me is, ¨ Life is the longest thing we’ll ever do, but it also goes by quickly” I think this sentence is used in such a good way because people say Life i…Read More

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