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  • Dear Aaliyah,
    I am very amazed by your post “The Colorado River is at Risk” because the main source of all water is being changed drastically. Climate change is making a huge impact on this change and it’s becoming a big risk.One sentence you wrote that stood out to me was, “What would you do to prevent the overuse of the Colorado River?” this…Read More

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    Historic Preservation

    What is Historic Preservation you must ask? A Historic Preservation is someone who identifies, evaluates, preserves, and interprets sites that are historically or culturally significant. If you're into any of this then I would highly recommend you do this job....

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  • Dear Charles,
    I am very fascinated by the information you provided because I never knew how long the death penalty has been around. The death penalty is a very cruel act and I believe that the death penalty is a very disturbing thing.
    One sentence you wrote that stood out to me was, “the earliest use of this practice took place about 1,500…Read More

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    Should the U.S Women's soccer team get equal pay?

    The Women's soccer team has been fighting to get paid the same amount as the Men's soccer team does. They are fighting for this because they believe that since they qualified for more World Cups that they should get...

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    • Dear Lexany,
      I am interested in your post, “Should the US Women’s Soccer Team get equal pay?” because I also agree with this logic that these women going to the world cup should get equal pay just as men. I think these women should get those equal rights just as men just because they are also playing the same sport.

      One Sentence that you stood out to me was, “I believe the people who run everything should’ve known that equal pay was a good thing and that everyone deserves equal pay or higher pay.”I think this is interesting because it is true that people who run the system of money should know that we all have equal rights even if we are of the opposite gender.

      Thank you for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I think it is interesting how you support your argument.

  • Lexany commented on the post, Fear of Clowns

    Dear Brandi Alvarez,
    I am in agreement by your post “Fear of Clowns” because I am also afraid of clowns and it makes me wonder why they wear what they wear. I wonder if thats how they express their personality or if the happy colors just mimick the happiness around them and they are portraying that image.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out…Read More

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