• Noor, I agree with many of your points, especially about the one that states that we have many opportunities offered in this country that are not always offered in other countries. It is something many take for granted, with the protests going on in our country at this time. This is always something to remember when we go about everyday life.

  • In the American creed, no matter what the changes over time, the basis of individual freedom and personal liberty stays the same. We are a unique country in the world, and an idea like that is impressed on many

    • Walter,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I enjoyed reading about how although the life of Americans is changing, the principles on which we were built remain constant and provide as reasoning for why we’ve been able to persevere as a nation. Do you think our country is united enough on these founding principles that the American Dream will continue to stay so steady and be such a guarantee in the future?

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