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Amanda Character’s in the ” Glass Menagerie”

We live in a world where family relationships are complicated. They can not even talk to each other and always have feuds. In addition, even between siblings, they can get along with each other. They always judge each other without thinking they are only one family. The third and four sections of “ The Glass Menagerie” By Tennessee might leave a reader feeling interested […]

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There is always a choice to make In the “Glass Menagerie”

Lately, I read “the glass menagerie” by Tennnessee Willians. I admired the way that the writer listed the scenes 1-7 and I felt a little discouraged in this play because even if the author portrayed Amanda as a determined and concerned woman about to do everything to make her children to have a good status, however, her son Tom should be […]

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How being trough difficult situation makes the character change the personality in the ” Glass Menagerie “

Amanda is a dynamic character. Her archetype changes over the course of the play. At the beginning of the play, she is archetypal of the defender. This can be seen on page 125, where the author writes: AMANDA: I’ve had to put up a solitary battle all these years. But you’re my right-hand bower! Dodocan’t fall down, don’t fail! But by page 104 in scene […]

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The relationship with a family member in the “Glass Menagerie”

I think in the “Glass of Menagerie” the main character is Tom. In the play, even though Tom takes off Amanda and Laura, he is often indifferent and even cruel toward them. He is also a man who does not care about what other members of this family think. He is ambitious and selfish. He never pays attention to his mother. I can describe Tom’s […]

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Family Relationships in ” The Glass Menagerie”

The Glass Menagerie by Tennesse Williams is the remembrance of the play, and its actions are from the memories of the author, Tom Wingfield. Tom is a character in the play and He is an aspiring poet who toils in a shoe warehouse to support his mother, Amanda, and sister, Laura. The first and second scenes of “The Glass Menagerie,” by […]

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AOC Makes Me Giddy!

Dear Representative Ocasio-Cortez, Your Instagram video about this generation being badass leaves me feeling giddy and almost speechless. Giddy and almost speechless. The way you Delibes the young generation is very amazing, and I feel proud as a young girl. You show our generation as a power group of people and profound. You say that we are not afraid to get out to defend […]

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Stories about Equality

Everyone knows that the community is the one that is most affected by the issues of society. Through those three short stories that I read, “Everyday Use”, “ How to Date a Browngirl Whitegirl or Halfie” and “ Lesson” I notice that they do have a connection because in the three stories the authors try to convey the message about […]

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It Is How I feel In Real Life

I have been dying to tell you what happen today in my life. I wake up every day and I don’t feel happy with my life because I think everything about me does not worth. I don not feel happy with my life because I think everything about me is not worth much. When I was a little child, I am the only […]

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