• LeslyOCHS

Dear Arual, I am interested with your post "To protect Black women and save America from itself, elect Black women" because its inspiring to see that black women are taking a stand. Its inspiring to see that they are chasing after their dreams to accomplish them. Women have been...

What happened to all the stuff? View Comment
  • @LeslyOCHS
  • March 12, 2022

Dear Jonathan, I am invested to your post, "What happened to all the stuff?" because the pandemic has affected our lives in many ways. There are many things people need that they haven't been able to purchase. It a big crisis having many items that we need, being on...

Positive comments View Comment
  • @LeslyOCHS
  • February 27, 2022

Dear Monica, I am influenced by your post, "Positive Comments" because many people compare themselves to others on social media. I think people shouldn't be comparing themselves to others because we're all beautiful in our own ways. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: "In...

Aren’t We All The Same View Comment
  • @LeslyOCHS
  • February 12, 2022

Dear Jaden, I am touched by your poem, "Aren't We All The Same," because many people around the world be able to relate to this. Racism has always been a major situation in the world. Equality and love should be shared by one another even if they are...

More than makeup and flowers View Comment
  • @LeslyOCHS
  • January 29, 2022

Dear Jazmine, I am touched by your post, "More than makeup and flowers," because you tell us how you re proud to be a Latina women. I like how you explain how your box helps you express who you are. It also helps us see what your identity is...

Art helps me express who I am View Comment
  • @LeslyOCHS
  • January 11, 2022

Dear Alaa, I am amazed by your post, "Art helps me express who I am," because it helps your express who you are in your own way. I think this is amazing how art is able to help someone express who they really are. One sentence that you wrote...

Why am I scared of clowns? View Comment
  • @LeslyOCHS
  • December 5, 2021

Dear Michelle, I am drawn by your post "Why am I scared of clowns?" because I am also scared of clowns. I also am terrified by them. I don't think clowns are useless but I agree that they're quite frightening. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is:...

Ecuador View Comment
  • @LeslyOCHS
  • November 14, 2021

Dear Kerly, I am appreciate your post, "Ecuador" because you share your experiences with us. I think it is amazing to know about other peoples cultures and experiences. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: "In other words, Ecuador is so important to me because it...

Perfect is Overrated View Comment
  • @LeslyOCHS
  • October 29, 2021

Dear Julia, I am thrilled by your post "Perfect is Overrated" because mean teens try to be the perfect image. They try to meet the beauty and other standards that society had put up. Even though you should just be yourself and accept who you are as a person....

Letting Go Is Something Big View Comment
  • @LeslyOCHS
  • October 16, 2021

Dear Jefferson, I am touched by your post "Letting Go Is Something Big" because I agree that letting go of someone is very hard, especially if you love and care for them so much. It's hard to see people walk out of your life. But that makes room for...

Does SpongeBob make you dumber? View Comment
  • @LeslyOCHS
  • October 2, 2021

Dear Alex, I am interested by your post ¨Does Spongebob make you dumber?¨ because I never thought that watching a show will have an impact on your development. Its shocking that watching spongebob has made kids slow thinkers. Spongebob isn't a very educational show so I see why...

How does Divorce Affect Children? View Comment
  • @LeslyOCHS
  • September 18, 2021

Dear Lily, I am fascinated by your post, "How does divorce affect children?" because all the things you mentioned I couldn't agree more. It is true that many kids are affected by their parents divorce. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: "Divorce can cause children...

The art of letting go View Comment
  • @LeslyOCHS
  • September 12, 2021

Dear Amra, I am very touched by your post "The art of letting go" because of the emotional tension it has. I think we can all agree that it is hard letting go of someone or something you love. One sentence that you wrote that stands out for me is: "...

Animal Rights View Comment
  • @LeslyOCHS
  • August 24, 2021

Dear Diana, I am thrilled by your post "Animal Rights" because I agree with what you are saying. Many people forget about animal right and just think about human rights. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me was: "Especially being held in captivity against their own will."...

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