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Should Animal and Human Testing be Ethical

There has been a lot of people wondering should testing on animals and human should be ethical? Here I would explain an opinion. Testing on animal should be ethical but it shouldn’t be ethical for human testing. Why? Testing on animals should be ethical because it’s better to sacrifice an animal than a human. It’s better to sacrifice an animal […]

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Violence Affecting Youth in Oakland

How does being exposed to violence affect youth in Oakland? Violence has affected many people in Oakland. Is a behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something; but it’s mostly affecting youth. Violence keeps adding on communities and had divided Oakland. One of my interviewees is a woman who has lived in Oakland for almost […]

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Who I Really Am – Shadow Box

Who I Really Am I have done this Shadow Box where I show the counter narrative the truth about me who I actually am and what represents me. In my Shadow Box I have added two flags one is the Mexican flag and the other flag is from the U.S.A/California. I have added those two flags because it represents how […]

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