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  • Hello Yojana,
    I am happy about your work, with what you have done with your shadow box and added on your post “Yojana’s Dominant and Counter narrative shadow box” because you weren’t afraid to share out your story of the dominant and counter narratives. I think that the explanation of your shadow box is really good because it’s clear to under…[Read more]

  • Who I Really Am
    I have done this Shadow Box where I show the counter narrative the truth about me who I actually am and what represents me. In my Shadow Box I have added two flags one is the Mexican flag and the

    • Hey Leslie,
      I really liked your shadow box. I like the wide variety of objects. From stuffed animals, to sea shells, and tape (if that is tape, its hard to tell). I especially love the Rosie the Riveter.

    • Leslie, I really enjoyed reading about what others think of you contrasting with who you know you are. It was interesting for me to hear about your experience as a Latina and how it has shaped you. I also enjoyed reading about stereotypes that people inherently place on you, and how you have overcome these stereotypes in your own life. I found it inspiring when you said that “Many people assume a lot of things about me like; I’m weak, Latino/a are not good at school, or because my race is Latina, have Mexican blood I have to be a member of the Catholic religion, but those dominant narratives are incorrect. I’m a strong female”. This statement demonstrates your high sense of self worth and helps me to gain a better understanding of how strong you really are. Thank you for letting me read, I hope to see more from you in the future. -Reilly

    • Hello Leslie,
      My name is Luz Morales I attend to Fremont High and I really like your shadow box because I can relate to your story as a latina I know what it feels like to be marginalized in a box full of stereotypical beliefs. One of the things that I really liked about this piece was the part where you talked about your religion and breaking the gender stereotypes is really empowering. Another thing I really liked about this shadowbox was the way you connected the phoenix bird to you and the way you gave some background about why you identify as a phoenix bird. To further your thinking here are some questions I would like to ask, Where do you think stereotypes come from? when you hear the words Prejudice and stereotype what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Why do think people stereotype others?

    • Hello Leslie,
      My name is Long and I attend Fremont High School where I did the same shadow box project. I really liked that you put both flags that represent you which are the American flag and the Mexico flag. For my shadow box I had the same idea but I am using the American flag and the Vietnam flag. A question I have about your shadow box is that out of all the stuffed animals that you added to your shadow box which one would you say is your favorite? Overall I think that you did really great on your shadow box due to the fact you added artifacts to show what you truly love and the way you set it up was very lovely.

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