This Shadow Box represents my identity and where I come from and what I am proud to be known as. When you look at my box you may see a wooden piece that looks like a ladder but it isn’t I promise. It’s

    • Dear Leslie,
      I really liked your post of how you shared your experience when you were a little girl. But at the same time describing the objects you had in your shadow box because when I saw the image I thought of a different significance. This connects to me somehow because i wasn’t born in America i’m a Guatemalan girl and I feel proud of that because it makes me feel more powerful in this society were females get treated different. Also I agree with you for the last part of your story of how womans get suppressed in this society. But as how you say, you winning that metal describes another meaning of you as a female.

      Some questions that I have are:
      How did you feel about money when you hadn’t visit your motherland, Mexico?
      Is there a person who has helped you in your struggles when you most needed them?
      You seeing the problem that woman’s face in this society. How would you like to make a difference in the future, if you could do something?

      Hope you write more about your stories because they are unique and I really enjoyed reading your post.


  • Dear John Penitani,

    I agree with your post ¨Leaders, A Letter about Teanagers¨ because People in our society should be aware of what they inflict onto us as a community it will also inflict with our future. One sentence that stood out to me a lot was where you said,¨The people elected should set up new laws that would le…[Read more]

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