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    Leslie commented on the post, Why Not?

    To me, the main message of your poem is that spending money on the game is a benefit. I know this because of the prices you listed and what the characters in the game can do. One line that stands out to me is ¨Hey its all fun and games so why not spend the $30¨. This stands out to me because I know that there is many underage kids that play t…Read More

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  • Dear Kalani,
    Your topic is something that many people don’t talk about and I’m so glad you brought this up because many people are poorly informed in why prostitution should be brought up more frequently. Some advice I would give you is to add context when providing evidence. This would be helpful because you will give us a heads up about what we…Read More

  • Dear Jocelyn,
    One sentence that stood out to me was “Many girls are forced to do things they don’t want to do in order to save themselves from violence or death”. I think this is something many people don’t understand and/or are poorly informed of. It was very empathetic of you to mention the fact that many females don’t have an option to stop…Read More

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    Why do you believe people are violent? An Oakland resident Ethan Cole, brought up so many interesting ways in which he believes that violence is caused. He states, “It is simply because nothing has changed in t

    Violence in Oakland

    Why do you believe people are violent? An Oakland resident Ethan Cole, brought up so many interesting ways in which he believes that violence is caused. He states, “It is simply because nothing has changed in the status of...

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    • Dear Leslie,

      First off all good job on completing your blog you’ve done a great job. What I like about your blog is that you talk about how violence in Oakland can be reduced and improved. I like how you quoted, ¨we all as a community need to find a way to come together and help our people¨ this is showing that you believe the whole community should be brought together to help improve and give better opportunities to others as well. You did good on showing why you think they should also have opportunities and be helped by the community when theyŕe struggling. If really interested go to website that talk about how you can help improve the community and talk to people about how it can be changed.

    • Dear Leslie,

      I would like yo start by saying that you Blog was so good and agree so much on hat you talked about. A part that i really liked is when you said, Finally, Oakland should focus a lot on training police officers. We have been seeing lots of police brutality lately. Aracely Perez speaks on how police should be trained, this is what she says, “Another thing Oakland could do is focus on the police force to first train officers and combat the current violence on the streets in a humane manner.” I agree on what your mom said because a lot of police are being so violent to most African-American people. I think it is very unfair because most of them never do nothing ut police find an excuse to hurt or even kill them. So keep up the good I can tell that this topic matter to u.

    • Dear Lesilie,
      I agree with your statement Oakland can help reduce violence is by giving support to poor people in jobs and benefits, by giving aid to poorer people it can help a majority of Oaklands population and help the area a lot. I also agree with your statement “Oakland should focus a lot on training police officers.” by training them better the community can be and feel more safe.

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