• So far, the characters in “hombre perro y super gatito” remind me that in the world there are animals who help people. The characters remind me this because of what I have read on “hombre perro y super gatit

    • Dear leslie i look forward to seeing what you write next because i would lie to see how far you will go with the next topic you will talk about.

    • Hello,
      I’m Josh and I have a dog and it loves me. I love coming home and seeing my dog wagging its tail in the excitement of seeing me. I think pets help us in our daily lives by getting on with them. They may not be the superhero the world needs but it’s what the individual needs.

  • So far, the characters in “un verano para morir” reminds me of something I experienced. My sister and I sleep in the same room she’s always saying this is your part of the room. The one who makes more mess is my

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