• So far, the characters in Nerdlandia reminds me os something that my friends experienced something similar was that two of my friends liked each other, but the boy he date a lot of girls and the girl like to

    • Dear leslie,
      I am excited with your post, Changing yourself For Someone Else, because you tell about how people don’t change for other people that don’t change for someone.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “They start to change like in the book both of them start to change” I think this is important to the world to know that you don’t have change for anyone.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing you write next, because I think they don’t have to change for nothing if they like someone they have to like how her or him are.


  • So far, the characters in “hombre perro y super gatito” remind me that in the world there are animals who help people. The characters remind me this because of what I have read on “hombre perro y super gatit

    • Dear leslie i look forward to seeing what you write next because i would lie to see how far you will go with the next topic you will talk about.

    • Hello,
      I’m Josh and I have a dog and it loves me. I love coming home and seeing my dog wagging its tail in the excitement of seeing me. I think pets help us in our daily lives by getting on with them. They may not be the superhero the world needs but it’s what the individual needs.

    • Dear Leslie,

      I am amazed by your post, because I learned from a new culture that I had never heard.

      A phrase you wrote that stands out in me is “the world there are animals who help people.” That is true because many animals help their owners. Animals also help their owners when someone wants to harm them.

      Thanks for your writing. I hope to see what you write next, because I want to learn more about your culture.

    • Dear, Lesile

      I like your post because I love animals and they do help a lot of people. I also like what you said here ” it; even though cat and dogs can’t save the world they can help with a lot of things,for example, they can help people with anxiety, and dogs can even help detect cancer and other thing”. I agree with this because there are service animal , emotional support animals and even some that in natural diasters.

  • So far, the characters in “un verano para morir” reminds me of something I experienced. My sister and I sleep in the same room she’s always saying this is your part of the room. The one who makes more mess is my

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