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    So far, the characters in “un verano para morir” reminds me of something I experienced. My sister and I sleep in the same room she’s always saying this is your part of the room. The one who makes more mess is my

    • Dear Juliana Coutinho,
      I am passionate about your short story, “Feeling Insecure,” because I really like how you made connection your story and yourself. One line that stands out for me is, “I felt that way with my older sister sometimes she makes me feel less because I don’t know how to do something and she does.” I think it is striking because it is very powerful. Something you feel that you do not worth in front your older sister, you the younger one, you can not express yourself in front of her, even say a word. Another line that stands out for me is, “The smallest girl in the story feels less being around her sister because her sister is confident and she thinks everything she plans is going to come true that stands out for me is”. I think it is interesting because it shows what how sometimes you can not feel safe around your family and also lacking self-confidence. Your story helps me to understand a story that I once read. I feel so concerned about this story because I was shocked how the little was lack of security and constantly doubt of herself. My sincerest gratitude. I look forward to seeing what you make next. I would like to come back to take a look more about your creations because I was really appreciate you as a writer. Also, I read some amazing words in your story that captivates me. You story is connected with some stories that I read before and lived.

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