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         This Shadow Box represents me because I put my chosen identity and my assigned identities that are being Latino and living in Oakland and  being an older brother. I put things that represent me being

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      Hi my name is Adham Aldahmi and the school I go to is Fremont High school and we are doing the same project as you. One question I have about your work is why is there a dog statue in the box? One question I have about your writing is is that what is the counter narrative you say about the dominant narratives people say to you? The thing I love about your Shadowbox is that you put a small hat representing you.

  • Dear Frank J Serrano
    I like how your talking that they should be a raise for people that cant evan pay bills or for food and also I like how you talk about that African-American people get badly punished or even shot/killed for there race and skin tone,One more thing that I like about your post is that you talk about our society and that it should…[Read more]

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