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    BLM vs Trump Supporters

    People on the right are storming the capitol and people on the left are getting attacked by the police. On the right they are holding trump flags and on the left they are holding nothing and getting attacked. On...

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    • Dear Leo:
      I am moved by your article, “BLM vs Trump Supporters” because seeing the movie trailer caught my attention. I wanted to know what you had to say about the film and like that you connected related issues to the film.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “The protesters are just standing there and the rioters are rushing the police.” I think this is somewhat true, because there was at least one incident where a fellow police officer was letting protestors IN. This definitely confused me to see this and your comment made me think about this weird action.

      Another sentence that I noticed was: “I think that the police are there to protect people for the most part but the system they are in has systemic racism which causes bad things to happen to minorities. .” This stood out for me because I do see this occurring based on events reported on, involving more minority incidents.

      Have you seen this article from, June 2020?

       I thought you might be interested in this because of the ratio being presented with the connections between minorities and the police.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because you have chosen a topic that is very explosive, and yet, discussion needs to happen without anger. In this process, both groups you mention willing to discuss and talk without emotions carrying the day, I feel real change is possible.

    • Dear Leo,

      I am impressed by your post, “BLM vs Trump Supporters” because you explain how the left is more oppressed than the right who were openly raiding the capital without any harm done to them as peaceful protestors were being assaulted. Also how you said that there were more police at the protest for justice but at the raid of the capital there was little to no police during that situation.

      One sentence that stood out to me was, “I think that the police are aggressors on the right but the trump supporters are the aggressors on the left.” I think this is interesting because the police have been known for being a white supremacists justice system. There are always race motives in the system of justice, especially for people of color.

      Thanks for writing this article. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I also have similar ideologies about how everything in the police force is racially motivated. You can even see it through social media today and current events.

    • Dear Leo

      I am impressed by your post, the story that you gave about “BLM vs trump supporters” because you explain that the life is more oppressed than the right.

    • Dear Leo,

      I´m really impressed by your post, “BLM vs Trump Supporters” because its frustrating to see people with different color of skin tone being mistreated by the police but people that are white skin tone are not being harmed .To see the two different situation where people with different skin tone are just doing a protest and being harmed and being killed just by wanted to get equal rights but where its a different story for the white people that are storming in the capitol with baseball bats and police are not doing anything about it.

      One sentence you wrote that really stands out for me is ¨ The protesters are holding BLM signs and the rioters are holding a baseball bat.´´ i think sad because i really don´t see why police are mistreated them and people with white skin are being treated like the rule everything .

      Thank you for writing this amazing post.I´m really looking forward for your next post, becuase i reall like how you inculde detail from what is happen in this world right now

  • Dear Ian:
    I am calmed by your reading of Rachel Sherwood’s poem, “the World in the Evening,” because the words give a very calm vibe. Also the title is very calm.

    One line that stands out for me is, “voices sound like echoes in these streets.” I think this line is calm echoing is a very psychadelic sound.

    Another line that stands out for me is…Read More

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    “Gods Secretary” by R.S Gwynn, Read by Leo

    Her e-mail inbox always overflows.    Her outbox doesn’t get much use at all.    She puts on hold the umpteen-billionth call    As music oozes forth to placate those    Who wait, then disconnect. Outside, wind blows,    Scything pale leaves. She sees a sparrow fall    Fluttering to a...

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    Leo wrote a new post

    I remember

    March /April  I remember hearing that the schools were closing and being happy. I remember thinking it would only last a couple of weeks and it was just a short break from school. I remember realizing that this was...

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    Leo wrote a new post

    Where I am from by Leo

    i am from basketball, from xbox and a pullup bar _I am from the park am from the people that grill in the summer, and the snow on the cars I am from pesto, peppers, and pork chops _I am from mom and...

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BLM vs Trump Supporters

“Gods Secretary” by R.S Gwynn, Read by Leo

I remember

Where I am from by Leo


He seems to like where he lives.

I think that this is where he lives.

what does he mean by rainbow family. Is that a way of saying he has a really nice family.

Patina plot summary

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The Martian Plot Summary

I agree with you. I think that she is prepared to do what she needs to do.

I think this shows that she has a lot of anxiety about something happening to Fonny. The dreams you have have some truth about your thoughts.

What makes them think that they are in Puerto Rico? I know they don't have lots of money but there is loads of other places they could be.

It sound like he was abused very badly. Nothing he could have done should give him that type of punishment.

I think that she is trying to say that she cares more because she loves him. The same goes if you hate somebody you will pay more attention to what is happening to them.

How are they gonna do that? Are they gonna break in?

Why would they run away from home? They may not like it there but at least there is shelter and food.

I think that the parents are just disappointed in the oldest child for not getting married.

Why does he sound angry at her. Did something happen?

Ready Player One: Winning the Egg

I think that Fonny is going to tell his dad about what just happened.

Why is he saying “that you have to get used to me.” I thought they already new each other well.

I don't know why she is crying because she loves him.

I agree that they were forced to grow up.

Who else did she try to kill?

It's kind of crazy how rude he his to them.

I think it is interesting that he is so happy she is having a baby even though the father is in jail.

yeah I think that people's childhood is what shapes them as a person

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