• Dear Leaders of America,

    My name is Leo Norling. I am a senior at MSU, majoring in psychology. I also have minors in women and gender studies and leadership of organizations. While looking at what happened in

    • Leo,
      I am apologetic and filled with sorrow that these feelings of not belonging, based on one’s ethnicity, are still prevalent in today’s society. The United States of America is not living up to the expectations of its Constitution, and have since Charlottesville, taken steps back. We pride ourselves on the freedoms and opportunities this country provides, but as I have grown older, I’m beginning to believe those tales are a hoax. It is unnerving to know that there is a large group of white nationalists who believe their protest are “purifying” society; when in reality, I see complete fear and ignorance in their beliefs. I would agree that these white nationalists look up to Donald Trump, and use his choice of words to perpetuate hateful stereotypes throughout our country. Honestly, I am at a loss on how to change the minds of white nationalists because it seems they just want to repeat history over and over. But I do think there is power in people like you and I who want to lead a good example through peaceful action.

      You Belong Leo,

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