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  • Dear Leticia:

    I am facinating with your essay, “Stories about Equality,” because the way that you explained the three short stories and connected to the society issues was great. Also what you wrote in the end about people do not have the right to dominate another one its important because many people take adventage of others. One set of l…Read More

  • Dear Celines:

    I am fascinated with your essay, “Society and its Inequalities,” because you make really good connections between the three short stories and how those issues is affecting in todays world. Also, I did understant the essay more easy because it was well organized. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “The short story…Read More

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    Lenin commented on the post, Three Life Lesson

    Dear Fatema:

    I am impressed with your essay, “Three Life Lesson” because you explained really well the similarities and differences between the three stories. Also, you give a brief definition of the literary elements used in the stories wich is helpful. A set of lines you wrote that stands out for me is: “This story is different from “The L…Read More

  • Dear Leticia:

    I am thankfull whit your short story, “It Is How I feel In Real Life” because it is showing more character traits of Maggie. It also show the problems that maggie has in her life due to her scars. One line that stands out for me is, “I am someone who is barely recognized or even noticed by the world because I am silent and d…Read More

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    Lenin commented on the post, My true feelings

    Dear Eros:

    I am adsorbed by your letter, “My true feelings” because many parents reject their children and don’t support then in the obstacles of their lives. Many childs has to face their obstacles alone because they don’t a have a family how supports it. One set of lines that stands out for me is, “Even though we never had the closest…Read More

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