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I like this phrasing, it's very poetic. I don't really understand all the metaphors, but it looks pretty.

I wonder why he capitalized lesbian. Did everybody used to capitalize that word and stop? When did we stop?

I wonder why she doesn't want to go to Puerto Rico.

I wonder what difference one white woman and one black woman would make as opposed to two white women and two black women.

I think this means they want to make the state witness' testimony less believable. I wonder how they're planning to do that.

I wonder how different the East Side was then compared to now.

What does he mean it doesn't cost a whole lot of bread?

I was unsure what this meant at first but now I think it means that she disliked Daniel but is trying to think of him the way Fonny does.

What does varicose mean? What are synonyms of varicose?

Is doodbye a typo or is that something people actually said?

I wonder what she means by 'poorhouse'.

I think this was from a time when the expectations about marriage were more strict, so a lot of things that are common now would have been taboo back then.

I think Sharon thinks that her getting married at 18 will be a mistake.

I wonder how long they've been together before wanting to get married.

Fonny was a gentleman for dropping her off. That shows that he's a nice guy.

Ah Kiran why did you make a bunch of 14 year olds read this book.

That's a really funny way to describe sex. James Baldwin really loves that graphic imagery.

Ok that was super intense. And there's more ok…

That's super poetic. I didn't peg James Baldwin for a romance writer, but he's been writing some really romantic sentences.

That's actually very sweet. You can see that Fonny deeply cares about Tish.

I wonder what makes Tish think that, and if this is James Baldwin's opinion, what made him think that.

I have absolutely no idea what she just said. Someone's gotta explain that to me.

This whole paragraph is really poetic, because sometimes people can feel like they're loving someone that's not really there.

It makes sense how she's thinking of good memories in bad times.

She really hates the law. I wonder if it's specifically the drinking age or just the U.S. laws in general that make her angry.

I wonder why none of the family members had brought it up, even when they were all thinking it.

I don't understand this sentence. Just the way it's phrased is confusing to me.

I think in the time period it was probably taboo to have a baby and move in together but NOT be married, so it seems right that her dad would assume that.

I wonder when Ernestine figured out that she was pregnant, and also why she didn't say anything about it.

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