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    Psychopaths can be both born and created. Chemicals in the brain can be unbalanced from birth and can be brought out by the environment someone is raised in. Even in the tightly bound nature of the young developing mind,...

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    • Dear Leigh Ann,
      I am intrigued by your post, ¨psychopaths¨ because it really explains how yes people can be born with the ¨psyco genes¨ but it more so depends on a persons life that can make them a psychopath.
      One things that you said that really stands out to me is, ¨Psychopaths can be both born and created. Chemicals in the brain can be unbalanced from birth and can be brought out by the environment someone is raised in¨ this stood out to me because it explains how psychopaths are really made. Another things that stood out to me was when you said how babies are capable of knowing between right and wrong.
      Thank you for writing about this, I look forward to seeing what you write in the future. the human brain and how we as people work is very intresting to learn about.

    • Hi Leigh Ann,

      I liked your overview of the information. I learned a lot about development and psychology, the ideas you presented related to each other intelligibly, and you cited information really well. I think some words, like “In the capacity of the mind of a” or “To wrap up” could have been cut down, but over all this was great writing and I look forward to reading more from you.

      Great job,

    • Dear Leigh Ann,

      i am impressed by you post, ” Psychopaths” because it really talking about the kids mind works. I think the information explaining how it works on choosing bad and good.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is : ” grow up also being able to choose between good and evil, in the sense that based on the way they are born and raised some might choose good in some situations and some might choose bad in others” . i think this is awesome to hear that their more information on people minds.

      Thanks for the writing you did . im looking forward the next writing and like to see what other information you can write about .

    • Dear Leigh Ann,

      In your post, ” Psychopaths,” I learned that kids in a bad environment mindset is really different and even the difference in toys can change them so much. young kids don’t even know from right from wrong. the lack of emotions of parents .how their decisions don’t really make a difference in their minds.

      What i think about this is really interesting because it how scientists are figuring out how psychopaths minds work and how much things cause them to be the way they are.

  • Amanda, I loved reading your article, and I think my favorite thing about it was that you did not just focus on the United States but also other countries in the world making it not specific to you. I think expanding on the idea and what happens in other countries would be beneficial. We live in the U.S. so we know what happens here, but how are…Read More

  • Leigh Ann commented on the post, Military

    I thoroughly enjoyed the connection to an everyday thing like a dog. Dogs are something all people can relate to and I think that is what makes this article fun to read! I would like to see how you could connect dogs or bravery to other people or characters in the story too.

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