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    Ethiopians refugee crisis

    In the article, “Ethiopia's refugee crisis” (upfront) I learned that the people are in these camps because they were fleeing from a conflict that began when Ethiopian prime minister  Abiy Ahmed launched a military offensive in the Tigray region....

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  • Dear Owen:
    I am intrigued by your post  and images,  “struggles and injustices,” because it is interesting to look at the history of things. It is hard to know that the people who owned the land were given a hard time. They struggled to make a good life for themselves with the little resources they had/still had.

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  • Dear paul,

    I am intrigued by  your post, “the link between time management and athleticism,” because I myself am a student athlete. I think it’s impressive that athletes can manage so much on their plate. It can be time consuming but they manage to keep up their grades and perform well in their sport.

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  • Leah commented on the post, Women's Rights

    Dear kayla,

    your post on “Women’s Rights” really caught my attention, because its always interesting to learn about the rights we as women have. Another reason it grabbed my attention was because there was many unfair things that happened to the women who were fighting. I also agree that women should be getting the same salaries as men. They have…Read More



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Ethiopians refugee crisis

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