• Dear Leaders of America,

    Hi, I am a 5th year senior at Michigan State University.  I have learned quite a bit from the research done on Charlottesville.  On of the most important things I’ve learned is that thi

    • I definitely agree with your point regarding mental health and racism being top priorities for our leaders here in America. I think the two issues can also go hand in hand, as increased tensions because of systematic racism can be detrimental to ones health. Separately, I think these topics both address issues of ignorance in America. We, as a whole, are so ignorant to the issue of mental health and see it as something that isn’t very serious, instead of seeing it for the serious medical condition it is. We are also ignorant to the lives of those experiencing racism, and oftentimes have an attitude of “well, I wasn’t around when slavery was happening, so that’s not my problem”. We, the people, AND our leaders need to educate ourselves and instill what we learn into how we treat each other and how we live in this society together.

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