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    Commonality of Defects

    Children are born all around the world that do not conform to the stereotype of normal as society labels it but to be more specific born with birth defects. Every year there are 140 million children born (The World...

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  • Jefferson P you do an amazing job making this personal with in depth examples and its very easy to relate to what you’re saying because you’re taking the scary idea of letting go and making it something we all have experienced. The only change I would make is some grammar mistakes but everything else is so personable and flows nicely. Overall your…Read More

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    Fate is Real?

    Is fate written in our stars? Well the science of quantum physics says it is not but if you ask most individuals they will tell you yes. So which is true? First what is fate; “fate is based on...

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    • I really interest with this topic, Lauren. I like the angle which you’re thinking about this topic. I also think “fate” is not an excuse for some mistake or scapegoat like you said, “Those being it makes living easier but what this means is fate is a scapegoat, an easy out, and especially something to blame when life doesn’t go the way we want”. In my opinion, fate’s affection is in a deeper way, not like, “I forget bring my pens” etc. The affection or the prediction of the fate is not specific enough for what’s happened, is a long term process. In the occult angle, there are difference between “fate” and “fortune”. It’s impossible or too hard for a person just find out the affection or their own fate. In this website a comment answered the difference fortune and fate, In my views, those people seem fate as a scapegoat, because they don’t understand what really fate is. I love this topic and it brings me to think about fate and fortune. In my life, I use tarot cards for some divinations in fortune. Thank you for your writing, I am excited to see what you write next, your ideas in topic and the source you used gave me many thoughts in it.

    • Lauren, I really enjoyed reading this. When you said, “fate is preset and cannot be changed so fate is most commonly confused with destiny which can change and you choose what happens next.” That hit my soul because I was one of those people who believed fate and destiny were the same things. I’ve now gotten more insight. Thank you again, and I’m looking forward to being reading your comments about metaphysical things such as fate and destiny. Here is an article talking about fate.What exactly is fate? –

    • This is a very interesting topic, Lauren. This is something I think about a lot because I have never had a solid answer for the question “is fate real”. I love the view you are taking. That being said I really liked what you said about fate being in the present because it is often mistaken for a destiny which can be where the scapegoat aspect comes into play. Your words definitely made me think more about my view on fate because I always mistook fate as destiny and had the thought process that if I believed in fate then that means I had a set future, and I realize now that is not the idea. I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Here is an article about the difference that I found interesting.

    • This is a very interesting topic. Lauren. I liked your thought on how fate can be both comforting and something to blame. It shows how there are more aspects to it than what we normally think. An article that goes more into depth about this, and the advantages of believing in fate is this : Overall, it was a great post and I look forward to seeing what you write in the future.

    • Hi Lauren! I really enjoyed reading about this topic. I like how you talked about how quantum physics disagrees with fate. I think this excerpt was executed well.

    • Really interesting topic. I like how you interpret the definition of fate and contrast it with science and destiny. Your reasoning and claims for people who believe in either one of these three are compelling. I just read about a science experiment about a twin who was separated since they’re born and live in a different household, to figure out does people’s fate determine by nature or nurture. It end up, even the twins lived in a different environment but they turned out the same, even end up came to the same college totally random. Here is one famous triplet experiment on what makes us and how does it determine our fate?

    • Dear Lauren:

      I am impressed by your post, “Fate is Real?” because it is impressive how even though it is not scientifically proven that our fate is written and told in the stars, it seems as if it is for many people. I think it’s impressive how someone could either believe in faith or destiny based on if they believe in science or not.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Now for those who do not believe in fate because they feel their life isn’t set, they believe they can change what happens in the future by the decisions they make. This is called destiny and is what most of those who do not believe in fate live by.” I think this is important because I feel that most people transition their beliefs in faith and destiny based on the circumstances. Most of the times people often believe something happened for a good reason even if it seems negative at first. But, the same goes for those who believe in fate, they use this as some sort of blame for when something goes wrong even though it was based on their actions. Overall both result in the same outcome one way or another in the future.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I liked your connection to the topic along with the comparisons you made with the two different points of view. I would like you to continue telling me what you believe in.


    • Hi Lauren, great writing! I am someone who bases my beliefs on science, so I liked the section about people being able to change their futures because they believe fate isn’t real. I thought this was a really good analysis looking at fate from both perspectives instead of just one, and I cant wait to read more writing from you.

    • This topic is fascinating to me, as it is a debate I have with myself a lot. I always thought fate and destiny were similar, but it was interesting to learn about how that’s not true. I like to believe that our futures are not all set in stone.

    • I do agree that the belief in fate depends on the person and what comforts them. I didn’t know that fate and destiny were different I always thought they meant the same thing. I think it would be interesting to see if people who grew up in a religious household will be more inclined to believe in fate rather than someone who grew up in a nonreligious one.

    • The topic of Fate and Destiny are really interesting especially because it’s similar to having faith in a religion. People can believe it if they want to and it may help them feel guided in life, as you were saying about allowing yourself to blame fate for a bad day or event. Overall I find fate a really compelling topic because it continues to pose the question of its ability to be proven as real, we cannot prove it or deny it. You did talk about quantum mechanics and testing them along the lines of destiny which I think would be really interesting if they were able to prove anything else or what their reasoning behind the results were. Overall I think that fate works for some people just like how religion works for some people and its up to everyone to interpret how the universe works.

    • Hi Lauren,

      I loved your post. It was really interesting to have these terms defined and see the differences. I’d love to hear more about who defined this and where this research comes from. Maybe something like, “Researchers at ______ say that…” Over all, great work and I look forward to reading more of your articles.

    • Dear Lauren,

      I loved your post on fate and destiny because I think it is an interesting topic to discuss with others and it’s also interesting to see different perspectives on such topics are. I didn’t know fate and destiny were two different things so I was surprised to find out that there’s an actual difference between them.

      One sentence that stood out to me was, “So whatever comforts them in their lives is valid but fate trumps those because of its inability to be interpreted making it hard to not trust.”. This sentence stood out to me because its interesting to see that a lot of people would trust something that cannot be explained rather than something that can.

      Thank you for writing your post. I really enjoyed reading it and learning something new.

    • Lauren,
      I think you did a great job on your blog! I think many people may not realize that there is a distinct difference between the definitions of fate and destiny. I really liked your connection of fate to how people can relate it back to Religion.I think that it is a very conversation sparking topic. I feel like you could have explained the science section of your blog a little further. You did a great job explaining how people have fate and destiny and I would have loved to see more explanation on how science connects further to this topic.

    • Dear Lauren,
      I am amused by your post, “Fate is Real?” because I find it amusing how fate and destiny are not at all the same. Both fate and destiny can easily get confused.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: ” Not knowing who or what makes things happen in our life is unsettling to most, so it is relaxing to have this “being” controlling their life.” I think this is interesting because I can also say that I find it hard to know what makes things happen in life. I believe that people could have many different perspectives on fate, destiny, and even on science.
      Thanks for writing I look forward to seeing what you write next because I didn’t know that fate and destiny were different I always thought they meant the same thing but you have opened my mind to have my own perspectives towards fate and destiny.




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