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  • Amarylis,
    I really enjoyed your blog post. You did a good job in presenting the issues that gentrification brings to communities by giving specific examples including financial struggles, a loss of culture, and overall division. You established a sense of exigency throughout the post and especially at the end that helps the reader understand that…Read More

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    The Problems That Teens Face With Social Media

    Social media has a large impact on teens today as the use of technology is more prominent than ever. According to Common Sense Media, teenagers spend an average of 7 hours and 22 minutes on their phones daily for...

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    • I liked this article a lot! This article achieves the overall purpose of touching on the negative effects social media can have on teens. I believe this topic is an important one to make sure teens are aware of the negative effects social media can have on us. Great job!

    • I loved this article!! I like how you touched on different ways social media impacts our life instead of just saying that it does. Using the girls’ views and comments to support you idea really shows that people all around agree that social media is not all that amazing 🙂

  • Julia,
    I enjoyed reading your post, and I agree with all of the points you made. I liked when you said, “Taking a break from our own lives and stepping into the life of another allows us to be transported into a situation that we may never be able to experience ourselves.” This was a great point that you made because I believe that this is app…Read More

  • Lauren wrote a new post

    The Paradox of “Social” Media

    Social media and technology have a large presence and impact on modern society. About 40 percent of the world or 3 billion people use social media for communication. Teenagers in this day and age have not been able to...

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    • Hey Lauren,

      I agree with what you said throughout this post and I also believe there are positive and negative effects to the use of social media. Though it can be used to communicate with friends and family from a distance, it also provides a way for strangers to come in contact with others and provides a way for unwanted information to be spread. I also liked how you explained the effect of social media on teens mental health because it is a large issue in society today that has not been addressed until recently. More attention should be drawn to the subject and your post provides a great explanation of the topic.

  • Lauren wrote a new post

    Not So Good Will Hunting

    Although the movie Good Will Hunting strategically uses language to help heal the characters, it also contains language that is offensive and seen as hurtful by viewers. The plot of the movie tackles the sensitive topic of overcoming the...

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