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    The Problems That Teens Face With Social Media

    Social media has a large impact on teens today as the use of technology is more prominent than ever. According to Common Sense Media, teenagers spend an average of 7 hours and 22 minutes on their phones daily for...

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    • I liked this article a lot! This article achieves the overall purpose of touching on the negative effects social media can have on teens. I believe this topic is an important one to make sure teens are aware of the negative effects social media can have on us. Great job!

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    The Paradox of “Social” Media

    Social media and technology have a large presence and impact on modern society. About 40 percent of the world or 3 billion people use social media for communication. Teenagers in this day and age have not been able to...

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    • Hey Lauren,

      I agree with what you said throughout this post and I also believe there are positive and negative effects to the use of social media. Though it can be used to communicate with friends and family from a distance, it also provides a way for strangers to come in contact with others and provides a way for unwanted information to be spread. I also liked how you explained the effect of social media on teens mental health because it is a large issue in society today that has not been addressed until recently. More attention should be drawn to the subject and your post provides a great explanation of the topic.

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    Not So Good Will Hunting

    Although the movie Good Will Hunting strategically uses language to help heal the characters, it also contains language that is offensive and seen as hurtful by viewers. The plot of the movie tackles the sensitive topic of overcoming the...

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    Everything About a Hallmark Christmas Movie Is Predictable Except It’s Success

    Every Hallmark Christmas movie is plagued with a mundane plot, repetitive storyline, and predictable outcome. The cheesy movies with the awful titles seem destined for failure. So, why are they so popular? In 2019, 50 million people tuned in...

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    • I really appreciated the topic of your blog post. This is very unique and definitely relevant to the season. I don’t think I would honestly change anything about your post. I felt captured by this topic and found it interesting from beginning to end.

    • Lauren, I agree with your analysis of how Hallmark movies bring joy to so many during the holiday season. I really like your title and your picture because my attention went straight to your blog post. Your quotes added to your argument and gave relevant information to the reader. The facts that you used were super interesting and helped to keep the reader engaged. I like how you pointed out that individuals are inclined to watch Hallmark movies because they are a relaxing and stress free way to enjoy the holiday season.

    • Lauren, I totally agree with you! My family and I were just talking about how predictable Hallmark movies are. I really liked how you added the point that the cheesy movies reduce stress. At a time when we are all overwhelmed and filled with stress it is relieving to know that Christmas movies can help. Overall, this is a really strong post and I think you clearly explained your thoughts well.

    • I liked how you mentioned that Hallmark movies are an escape from reality because Hallmark movies allow us to envelop ourselves in a simple plot with a predictable storyline. Even though the movies may be cheesy, those watching get attached to the characters and are happy for them when everything works out in the end. I found your post interesting because it does not praise the storyline or sub-par acting of the movies, rather it describes how one can find comfort in the movies.

    • Lauren,
      I agree with how Hallmark movies bring joy to the holiday season and how Hallmark movies are an escape from what is going on in a person’s life. Sometimes the predictability of Hallmark movies can make it fun and it helps many people focus on the good things in life.

    • Lauren, I was intrigued by your post title since I also believe all Hallmark movies are annoyingly predictable but I cannot help be drawn in anyway. I liked how you included the Countdown to Christmas example as it shows how successful the movies are. I really liked the quote “Hallmark Christmas movies allow viewers to be submerged into a world without politics or social struggles” because to some amount, I feel like Christmas has become centered around that, and Hallmark movies grant a break from that. The ‘always resolved conflict’ is a good support to this piece of evidence and fits in well with the paper. Many family celebrations always bring up some sort of passive aggressive commentary, debate, or drama, and the hallmark movies help to remove some of that tension, like you said. Thank you for writing, and I hope to read more of your work in the future as your writing style and distribution of evidence is something to be admired.

    • Dear Lauren

      I am pleased with your post “ Everything About a Hallmark Christmas Movie Is Predictable Except It’s Success,” because I agree that these hallmark movies have a Repetitive storyline but like you said it does really help with the stress and worry the holidays may bring people

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “The reliable Hallmark holiday movie plot formula takes us on an emotional journey that can be especially beneficial during the stress of the season — which keeps us coming back for more ” This stood out to me because I didn’t know that it was providing help to a lot of people experiencing stress during these seasons.

      Another sentence that I liked was“ Depression and anxiety can be high during the season, and the merry moods of the characters help people form a more optimistic view on the holidays.” This stood out to me because it’s nice to have something that can help you ease your depression or anxiety and get you in a better mood .

      Have you watched or seen any of these hallmark movies? And do you find that it might have helped you with stress or anxiety?

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I love the way you explained the benefits these movies have had on alot of people.

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    (Good Will) Hunting for Meaning in How Something Is Said

    Language is a communication tool that gains much of its power not from what is said, but from how it is said. Language is used all the time in therapy in an effort to heal a patient, but sometimes...

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    • I really liked how you used Good Will Hunting to describe the importance of language because there are multiple ways language is conveyed. As you mentioned, in one of the therapy sessions the two sat in silence as Sean waited for Will to speak. Sean had studied Will’s body language as well as the way he talked in order to conclude that Will needed to be the first one to speak in the session. I also liked how you mentioned the part of the movie where the two men are laughing together to show that Sean was eventually able to get through to Will. Initially, Will wanted nothing to do with the therapy sessions but with the help of Sean’s ability to read Will’s physical and verbal language, Sean was able to help Will significantly.

    • I thought this was a really well thought out post. Good Will Hunting is a really good example of how to convey language. In this post you described how in Sean and Will’s therapy session they were quiet, however you made note of how the use of body language replaced verbal language. The connection to this prompt was really good as you showed how language is used nonverbally and emotionally to reach someone; displaying the universality of language in all situations.

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    The Power of Empathy in Building Relationships

    Empathy is a powerful trait that can tear down stereotypes and build relationships that are seemingly impossible to form without understanding the feelings of others. Ernie Johnson is a respected sports commentator who hosts Turner Sports NBA coverage and...

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    • I really liked the example you used because it shows the impact of empathy. Ernie and his wife put Michael’s needs in front of theirs in order to give MIchael the life he deserves. They knew they could not leave Michael and allow him to be abandoned. I also agree with you that empathy can tear down stereotypes because when someone has empathy for someone else, they are not making generalizations. Generalizing someone based on their looks or past is ignored when someone shows empathy. Judging someone when meeting them for the first time is not an accurate representation of who the person actually is because they are being judged solely on looks. Instead, one should understand the others point of view and show empathy towards them.

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