• Hey Rachel! I love your Article! I believe family is very important and that it should be put before anything else. I think it doesn’t matter if it is a parent, cousin, sibling or friend that you are closest to, but you should surround yourself and be yourself around the people you are closest to. I believe you should be grateful that you have a…[Read more]

  •    The book Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich takes you into the everyday life of lower income families and raises awareness to the unequal pay and struggles they face. It encourages you to make that ch

  • Ben, I enjoyed reading your Article. Mine is similar to yours in the Freedoms respect. I agree that our first amendment is our most important being able to say and express what we feel without being penalized for it. I also agree that something that defines America would be that we work to be successful and have what we want. We don’t just get the…[Read more]

  •   One thing that stands out to me about being American is our patriotism. Every sporting event I have ever been to starts out with our national anthem. Everyone in the arena stands at attention to the flag and s

    • Lauren, the concept of what it means to be an American is very well explained in your piece. I too, sing the national anthem with respect for our country and the line about the flag still being there is a line that shows we very well deserve our independence. It is amazing that women can have jobs just like men and have the same opportunity to succeed. Our freedom is one thing to be very grateful of and take advantage of because we the people could be in worse conditions. We have the freedom of speech, assemblage, religion, etc. and we should be able to say what we want to say without being penalized for it.

  • Matthew, I enjoyed reading your article! I agree that everything that happens for a reason and that you don’t realize the full impact until it happens to you. I…

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