• Hey Blerta,
    I agree with you that the education system in the United States needs to more equal. I think that it is not fair that some students do not get a good as education as other students. For example, I think that students in Detriot should receive the same quality of education as we do in Okemos. What do you think that people need to do to…[Read more]

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    Hello Lena,
    I enjoyed reading your update on your research paper. I think you have a wonderful start to research. I did not know that food and drinks can play a role in how you sleep. What food or drinks should you avoid eating or drinking before going to bed?

  • As I was looking up some articles about how to engage middle school students I realized that I needed to find some articles that further explain why students are not engaged. I learned that as the students go up

    • Hi Lauren, I love this article. Quality of education is dropping around the nation and I believe this is an important issue. I love how you researched this topic and backed up your thesis with solid evidence. In the first paragraph you mentioned that kids are disengaged, but why? I think telling your audience why kids are disengaged might be a point you might consider adding. Otherwise, really great job with evidence and explanation. I look forward to hearing what teachers have to say about the situation.

    • Hi Lauren,
      Is a performance based classroom like traditional while task-oriented is montessori? I hope you enjoy going to a middle school and looking at how the students are engaged. I feel like the pressure that is set on students leaves us without wanting to engage in the classroom. Our brains are on overdrive most of the time and seven hours of full concentration on not what we want to learn about is hard. I can see why many students aren’t engaged in class.

    • Lauren,
      I really liked your post. You seemed to have learned a lot of stuff. I also found it interesting that 60 percent of students are not engaged. I was in a Montessori classroom and found it to be a very good fit for me, but not everyone is the same. Good luck on interviewing teachers!

  • Have you ever sat in class and are zoned out? You may be tired or the teacher just lectures all hour. I know I have experienced this. I want to find a way where teachers can increase the engagement of their in



    While hearing your alarm clock go off at six o’clock in the morning, and pushing the snooze button a couple of times you must force yourself to get up. This is what many teens experience during the sch

  • In the article, “Global Citizen Jorge Bernal: Equal Education Opportunities For All” by Savannah Sellers mentions that there are approximately one billion adults in the world who cannot read or write. In other wor

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    I really enjoyed your reading your post! I agree with you that alternatives ways of producing energy is a good idea. Using the wind and the sun may be a more expensive way to produce energy, but it saves us from global warming. Do you have any solar panels in Utah? We have some in Michigan, but there are a lot more wind turbines. What do…[Read more]

  • Hello,
    I think that in the future we will be seeing many car companies making electric cars. My dad thinks that electric cars will become popular in about five to ten years. I think that electric cars will save a lot of people on gas. Do you think that car companies will raise the price of electric cars due to people not paying for gas? I also…[Read more]

  • Hello,
    I enjoyed reading your post. I believe there are many positive things about small devices, but they can also cause some problems. I feel people do not feel as comfortable taking to someone in person because of cell phones. Making a phone call or texting someone is a lot easier, but can sometimes be less professional. I think that it is a…[Read more]

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    Have you ever thought you could not do something or just wanted to quit trying? There are times when I feel this way and stress out about getting everything done. Although I sometimes feel like this, I personally

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