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Description of a Child

I can relate to George's story.

When it comes to holding back a student in the same grade, school members have to be very mindful about what they are doing because this could affect the students.

I agree

Sometimes the state exams bring consequences to the students. A test does not get to show the brightness and the abilities of the students. They should not evaluate students based on their exams score.

I wonder if an extra time will help. Sometimes teachers rush children to provide their answers because the short time they have to teach the lesson.

There are many thing happening around Jacob that need to be address because it will have negative impact on his learning

I agree with your question. I also wonder what's the reason behind that behavior.

Characteristic gestures and expressions could say a lot about a child. But, we need to be very careful the way we interpret these physical presences because a classroom is very diverse, and culture could influence these characteristics.

I also would have liked to know more what they meant by usual behaviors. I believe we have to be mindful when it come to children's background.

Parents' participation is an important key for their child's success.

Growing in Life

These all are great questions that when I'm facing a situation, I ask myself these questions.

“turned off to learning”

“open to criticism”

Learning from our experience is what makes us grow as humans.

“listen to another person”

“They are able to analyze a problem, and they develop a system, structure, or strategy to attack it.”

“It took me years to realize that it is never too late”

Coding for Children

I agree.

Excellent TED Talk

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