• Throughout history up to modern day, people have been inventing and discovering many ways to have energy with very little sleep. The question is why doesn’t that person just get more sleep or find ways to get m

    • Hello Laura, I think that this article is very correct and captures the pros and cons of caffeine. I often forget that it is a drug and can actually cause slight withdrawal effects. I think like anything moderation is key and everybody is differently affected by it. I have seen many articles that also claim many benefits of caffiene as well. I would be interested to find out more about both its positive and negative effects

  • Dear Colin,
    I am very intrigued by your post about Kanye West because personally I am not a hip hop person but I feel Kanye West has not made good choices in his life. It’s very true that nobody does but his however are more public and I would say he is very vocal about it also. I heard that he is a very good rapper in the hip hop industry so I do…[Read more]

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