• Cars release a very bad gasNot the gas that comes out yourtailpipeBut something that can possibly kill usAllSo all the things you love will be goneNo more music or t.v get up and make aDifferenceRide a bike, not

    • Hey, I am Dean from Okemos High School. I was looking by youth voices home and was interested by the picture of your poem. I really like this poem because we need to think about our planet. We need to take care of our planet. It was Earth day recently and I heard a lot of things about how our environment is changing. I like the rhymes of your poem. It is very well written. I also like the message of the poem. We should try to lessen the use of cars by biking or walking. Using car unnecessarily should be stopped.

    • Hi Latrell, I am Johnny from Judge Memorial Catholic High School in Salt Lake City. You’re poem is fantastic and stuck out to me right away because I am aware of the issue of pollution in our society; its especially bad in Salt Lake. A few of my friends even have Asthma .I think biking and walking are great ways to save our air, but I’m sure we can both agree that those two modes of transportation won’t always suffice. I would love for you to integrate other ways we can save our air such as carpooling, using public transit, and not idling our cars. I would also recommend you add something in your poem about the future of transportation such as electric/ hybrid cars. Other than that, it’s a great poem that provides great incentive for change! Keep up the good work!

    • Latrell,
      This poem was very creative and it had a lot of emotion in it. I also thought that it had a good rhythm to it. One suggestion I have would be that I think it would be really cool if you included imagery of the environment in your poem. I think it could help your audience visualize the issue that you are writing about. Overall I think your poem was very creative and thought provoking. Thank you for sharing it.

      Audrey Hendarto

    • Hey Latrell, I am convinced by your poem, ” Stop Bullying the Air”, because you are very persuasive and it is well written. I think this is magnificent and you make very good points. I agree with you and I also believe that cars are releasing harmful gas into the environment. I really like your poem and I can see how passionate you are about helping the environment and making the earth a better place. I also believe people should use bikes more because riding a bike is good for our physical health and bikes don’t release harmful gases into the air. I also believe that we should take more care of the earth and our environment. I also have a blog about helping the earth and I think you might be interested in my blog, you can view my posts at “https://wordpress.com/stats/day/sanitation4nyc.wordpress.com”.

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    Dear Hanna,
    I like your poem the beginning was dope I like how you started it how did you start because when I write I always need help starting. It will be such an honor to tell me how you started but other than that your poem was great.

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    thank you I glad to hear that you like my poem I don’t know when i’m making my next poem but when I decide to you’ll be the first to know
    from Latrell

      • Noah Lopes. “Growing up in Oakland.” 13 Dec. 2018. this source is also credible because Noah is a after school program director and he had child hold that was hard for him at school to pay attention this was a cr

        • Hello Latrell,

          I really liked how you took your own perspective in living in Oakland and saw both good and bad from it. Sharing your own personal feelings is hard to share sometimes and by reading your posts, gives hope for other students or people to be able to share their thoughts and opinions as well.

      • Hi my name is Latrell and this is my poem. This poem is about how it connects to Romeo and Juliet throughout my life and how I feel and how other people feel around me in my community.

        What is my faith?

        Is it

        • Dear Latrell,
          Thank you so much for sharing your poetry. A line that stood out to me was “Bullets whisper into my ears” because this line was very poetic as well as meaningful.
          A connection I made to your poem was The Hate You Give because Starr’s best friend is killed and she feels overwhelming sadness because of it.
          Your poem also reminded me of how the families of Romeo and Juliet must have felt after they died, the overwhelming sadness and loss.
          Thank you so much for writing and I look forward to reading your next post.

      • Matthew I like how you did your shadow box because of the pictures I feel like they stand out.

      • This Shadow Box represent me. My box has some of my important identities that matter to me. When some people look at me, they see a criminal and a bad person. Many people assume that I don’t speak up for my r

        • Dear Latrell,
          My name is Brian and I am a 9th grader at Life Academy. My favorite part of your Shadow Box project was the pictures you put in. I question I have for you is why you put color is not a crime.
          Keep working hard


        • Dear Latrell,
          I love the message of your box, “My color is not a crime.” Your voice is heard clearly through your box and please continue to let your voice be heard, whether it be through speaking or writing. I hope you are able to educate a larger crowd.

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        I like how you did the background color and how it represents you and where your from.

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        i like how you did your box

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        • Dear Latrell, I like how your box is it really shows who you really are. And I also like that you saw that your color is not crime and that is true I agree with that overall your box was really good