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  • I’d like to start with, I love your image, it is super wacky but still very interesting and makes me start to interpret the context in a different light. What was your goal with using the image, and how did you interpret it? Maybe if you added a personal perspective, it could heighten the intensity of your writing. Overall Jenna, great job!

  • What is this image? Like what was the point or the significance of it? I do believe that your writing is very strong and holds a lot of power. However, maybe if you added how things could be changed or how we might be able to “fix things,” it could make for a stronger article. However, Quadir I think your writing is very interesting and makes for…Read More

  • To begin, is there any significance in using an image of a penguin? or did you just pick a random image? In regards to the writing, I believe it highlights many important factors regarding our history, which you did well! The story seems to flow pretty well, which helped get your point across and make it stronger. Good job!

  • Overall, the message of this text is there and you get your point across, from what I can understand. However, why did you decide to put a bird as the image cover of this text? If it holds any meaning. maybe if you put that perspective in the text it could make for an even stronger piece. I enjoyed the connections you made throughout the text and…Read More

  • First off, what first drew my attention when searching for which article to read was your image, as it seemed super funky and weird and just made me feel the need to click and read. When reading and analyzing your writing I think in some parts I’m losing the mark but overall I think you get the main idea across. I do believe if you revised and…Read More

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