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    First and foremost, what intrigued me about this article was the title and its picture. From the image I had created an idea in my brain about how exactly this article would go about. However, when I began to read the text, I realized that it was nothing close to what I imagined in my brain. Why did you decide to rebel against the assignment? I…Read More

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       Atlanta’s Highways: Reminder of Racism

    Uncovering the sneaky tactics of modern-day racism in Atlanta: a shocking revelation you won't want to miss. Can you believe that the same blatant racism that deliberately divided Atlanta along racial lines decades...

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    • I love your hook, it captures the attention of the readers well and it was interesting to see. I also liked how you called out Atlanta because they love to talk about how they pass as a divorced city when in reality like you said they are just under a lot of camouflaged urban planning and silent segregation. I agree with what you said in terms of this layout being inconvenient and especially inconvenient to minorities. You had your own twist on this prompt by relating some of these things to your own feelings as an Afro-Latina woman. Also, you made a valid point on Atlanta’s transportation system MARTA, and how they need to be invested in. Overall I think you did a great job summarizing key points of the passage 

  • @labdulhaqq24 i love your profile picture because of the meaning behind it

  • @jmiller24 Your profile picture is very unique, but I’m not quite sure what it is, could you explain that?

  • @laleyu24 I think the lion is very beautiful and meaningful, and the sunset is nice and gorgeous!

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