• This was a cool article. With a lot of good sources of information. My only question is how does this effect the issue of over crowded prisons. Today, prisons are more over crowded than they have ever been before. Here is a cool…[Read more]

  • Hey Leslie,
    I really liked your shadow box. I like the wide variety of objects. From stuffed animals, to sea shells, and tape (if that is tape, its hard to tell). I especially love the Rosie the Riveter.

  • This was a very well thought out essay Eli. I believe that Martin Luther King was one of the smartest men in American history. The quote that you used in your second paragraph was very interesting. The idea that the Emancipation Proclamation gave equal rights to blacks, but was not enforced until the 1960’s is absurd.

    P.S. Where did the Martin…[Read more]

  • Those are some cool pictures

  • Hey Tomas,
    My name is Keaton, and I am from Utah so I had never heard of this issue before. I would suggest to maybe find the pros of the bullet trains in other countries like Japan and India. Here are some sites that I…[Read more]

  • Dear Raymond,

    I agree that Mars is the next step for human expedition and science. Simply getting to the moon was an enormous feat for human kind and now that we posses all the technology to reach Mars, I think that it would be foolish to not capitalize on such an immense opportunity. In terms of cost, the amount of money it would take to go to…[Read more]

  • High School textbooks don’t have anything on Asian Americans during the civil rights era. There were a lot of Asian activists in the mid to late twentieth century. All of them are not well known amongst most youth

    • Keaton, this is awesome that you wrote about this because Asian american history is very rarely talked about even today despite being a major part of our history. Aoki and Kochiyama are completely new names to me which is unfortunate, but I’m glad you are taking an active role in spreading their work. You may find it interesting to look into things like the Chinese Massacre of 1871 because that too is an event very rarely put into textbooks despite being so brutal. It’s definitely an expansive topic with a lot to uncover so I hope to see more on your views in the future.

    • Keaton, I loved this article. I am an asian american myself living in Utah. Rarely do people think of my ethnic group when considering social or political activism. I admit this is the first I have ever heard of any notable again activist. I encourage you to keep focusing on this issue and maybe writing some on on going issues that effect asians across the world.

    • This is really cool Keaton! I think it’s great that you’ve noticed this as well. In my AP U.S. History class last year, there was virtually no mention of Asian American activists during the Civil Rights era. I have to say that what I found most interesting in this writing is the bit about Yuri Kochiyama as “the woman who holds Malcolm X’s head”. I thought that was especially provocative because everyone knows who Malcolm X is and I myself have seen that photo and not thought twice about the others in the photo. Keep it up! I can’t wait to see where else you can take this.

    • Thanks for writing this post on such an understated (or outright ignored) topic in American history. It’s really cool that one of the two you mentioned even pressured UC Berkely into a whole new department! I’m curious about what you think the reasons Asian-Americans aren’t well-represented in media are. I’m looking forward to reading your next post!

    • Keaton, this is a great article! As you mentioned, textbooks generally don’t portray Asian-Americans and it stands true because I was unaware of many of the injustices mentioned in your research. I love that you included to historical figures that represent your culture and what you are trying to bring to attention. It seems as though you have already done a great deal of astonishing research and you also seem most likely to continue your research, so here a link with a few more Asian-American activists for you to research! http://www.complex.com/life/2016/03/asian-americans-activists/

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