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    How Fame Changes A Person

    Social media is a part of most teenagers' everyday life. With having a social media platform comes the possibility for fame, followers have noticed that some people that are rising in fame change their lives; whether it be the...

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    • Dear Kylie,
      I am impressed by your post “How Fame Changes A Person” because fame is something horrible due to changing the way you act and say. Big celebrities with alot of fame tend to grow some sense of isolation, mistrust, and lack of personal privacy. Which develops them into like two different persons (celebrity self & authentic self). Change for fame is a horrible thing but people with all that fame tend to not care.  One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Fame changes people in many ways, whether it be how they act, how they present themselves in public, or who they talk/hangout with.” I think this is bad because now you’re acting differently towards people just for 126 million followers like how ridiculous is that.  Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I like to learn about how these generations change so quickly for the fame they may have. I would also like to come back and learn how fame takes a toll in other forms. 
      Ernesto Monroy

    • Dear Kylie,

      Thank You For informing us how many people change over time especially when they gain that platform of fame. Many before they gain that fame they are humble and listen to peoples opinions. When they gain that popularity they start to change their thinking and think full of themself. Another thing that I like is that you mention they gain so much popularity that sometimes they need to be protected. Another that I liked about your post is that most people can assume that many populated people don’t want to make that impression that they are just thinking of themself. Sometimes they just have to keep their lives personal because they need that protection from others.

    • Dear,Kylie
      I am very impressed by your post “How Fame changes A Person “ because it’s a horrible situation due to the fact that people change the way they act and how they do things. I think that having fame could turn out to a good thing but also a bad thing due to that fact that people are getting money within the fame.

      One sentence that caught my attention ways that “ Fame changes people in many ways, whether it be how they act, how they present themselves in public, or who they talk/hangout with”. I think that it’s a bad situation because the fame is getting to them and there changing the way that they act.

      Thank you for writing this awesome article. I am looking forward to what you write next because you write awesome. I think this is awesome because people need to learn about this situation that is happening around the world.

  • I loved this article!! I like how you touched on different ways social media impacts our life instead of just saying that it does. Using the girls’ views and comments to support you idea really shows that people all around agree that social media is not all that amazing 🙂

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    I love the story about your mom! What she did for your community is extremely empowering for women. It’s so true that womens voices tend to get pushed to the side and I adore that your mom went against various obstacles to push for her beliefs!! #ilovelaura

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How Fame Changes A Person


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