• KylerJudge

Hey Walter! I really enjoyed reading your post since it is a huge issue right now. It's weird how we have been talking about it for so long now and only now started to try and change. I agree when you said that we have to hold the government accountable...

little me to old me View Comment
  • @KylerJudge
  • December 11, 2021

Hey Jefferson! I really enjoyed your post! Talking about breaking out of your bubble to create new interactions is really important. It's really hard for some people to adjust to new environments and such but once, broken, it is such an accomplishment. I'm glad you were able to break...

Coral Reefs are homes too View Comment
  • @KylerJudge
  • November 17, 2021

Hey Madai! I enjoyed reading what you wrote about coral reefs. I actually decided to join an Oceanography class this year and I have learned so much about them. Before, I didn't really know much about coral reefs. If I'm being honest, I didn't even know they were dying. I...

Motivating College Athletes View Comment
  • @KylerJudge
  • November 17, 2021

Hey Ashley! I completely agree with you. I believe that college athletes should be paid as well since they bring in a ton of money to the schools. Athletes in school are some of the hardest workers there are. Trying to balance school work, jobs, and workouts is very tough,...

Hey Joseph! I loved your article because it was about a very controversial topic recently. Trump definitely came off a bit harsh when he addressed it. Although I know there are injustices in this world, I feel that there would be a better way to show your emotions than...

Social Media Free Speech View Comment
  • @KylerJudge
  • October 19, 2021

Hey Christopher! Your article intrigued me because I feel that social media plays a huge role in our society today. I believe that social media is meant to be a way to express yourself with no punishment. Schools shouldn't be able to punish you for something outside of school...

Hey Arlette, I found your article very interesting because I completely agree with the fact that college athletes should be getting paid. The athletes and their name are what makes the school most of their revenue. Although, I don't feel that athletes should be paid by the school since most...

1990s Rap vs. Now View Comment
  • @KylerJudge
  • September 29, 2021

Hey Cory, I found your article to be very interesting because I am a huge fan of rap from the '90s. Music nowadays is all the same in the way that they all talk about the same things: money, sex, drugs. Music back then was was so unique because...

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